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Arun Lal, a former Indian cricketer, believes that Rishabh Pant has all the necessary traits to succeed Rohit Sharma as captain of the Indian cricket team. Lal, 66, who recently made the decision to resign as the Bengal cricket team’s head coach, praised Pant for his capacity to produce game-changing performances under duress in both Test and limited-overs formats.

“Absolutely, yes (On being asked if Rishabh Pant is the future captain after Rohit Sharma). I’ve always believed that the team’s captain should be among the top three players. He (Pant) is a guy that isn’t scared to play his game, has good pressure management skills, can get the team out of sticky circumstances, and can be a terrific leader. The Indian cricket team will benefit from having an aggressive player like Pant as captain “Lal spoke to Jagran TV.

“When you earned a draw in Test cricket, you were already regarded to have won. However, my perspective has changed, and I completely credit Virat Kohli for this. The team’s mentality was altered by him, and they began to compete without concern for defeat. If Pant can maintain this intensity, the situation won’t get any better than what Virat brought to the group. Pant will be the Indian team’s hero if he can perform consistently, “Added he. 

At Old Trafford on Sunday, Pant’s unbroken 125 helped India defeat England by five wickets to win the third one-day international and the series 2-1.

As the first Asian wicketkeeper-batsman to reach a century in both ODI and Test cricket in England, Pant has also made history in that regard. 

Lal claimed that Pant’s ability to not only smash hundreds of baskets but also to score them at crucial moments and under pressure is unmatched.

“If you perform well in the red-ball format, there is a chance that, with a little adjustment, you will perform well in the white-ball format as well. However, it’s not a given that if you perform well in the white-ball format, you will be able to do the same in the red-ball format since Test cricket requires a unique set of abilities, the capacity to withstand a unique type of strain, and the physical stamina to play for five days. When it comes to limited-overs and Test cricket, Rishabh Pant has changed the game’s course for me. It is not about getting centuries, but rather about getting a century under pressure and pulling triumph out of the jaws of defeat.”

“It’s more impressive to score 100 at 50 for 5 than 100 at 500 for 4. You stand out more because to these jabs. Unmatched talent is Rishabh Pant “stated Lal. 

“He is a young, skilled player whose playing style is attracting a lot of attention. As a game-changer, it will be amazing if he can keep playing like this “Added he.

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