Canna Pro – 16 July 2022 – Results

J2 Mattioli defeated CJ Tino in the main event of Canna Pro’s July 16 event in Chula Vista, CA. Click for full results from the event.

Canna Pro
July 16, 2022
Chula Vista, CA

Super Fuerte XL & JR over Vice Cheq (Eddie Vice & Mike Cheq) via Assisted Elbow Drop. (12:35.85)

Welcome to the Jungle (Bamboo, Osiris Mittens & Reptilio) over The Shadys (D.T.F. & Remi Morgan) & Fidel Bravo via Twisting Frog Splash. (09:12.73)

Holy Storm (Rebel Storm & Bishop Thunderbird) over La Embocaudro (El Jugoso & El Picante) via Sunset Flip Counter. (09:15.06)

S.D.C. (Some Dude Chillin) over Leo Cañedo, Súper Astro JR, & Fabrizio via successfully grabbing the pound on a pole. (11:02.78)

“The MAW” Micheal Hopkins over Dick Mandril via DQ. (10:19.80)

The Enterprise (“The Jackal” Jeff Roth & “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw) over The Block (“X-Factor” Xander Philips & JF3000) via rear end choke. (09:23.63)

Gin Sevani over Auntie Hydie via Cattle Mutilation. (08:06.87)

J2 Mattioli over CJ Tino via Playmaker Elbow. (13:50.39)

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