WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch pleads not guilty to DUI Manslaughter charges


The following is per PWInsider.

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch’s new public defender officially filed a written plea of not guilty in relation to Sytch’s DUI Manslaughter charges in the State of Florida Friday morning.

It was noted that with Sytch’s plea now in place, the discovery period begins. Prosecutors have filed that they intend to call as many as 18 witnesses and have requested the defense file whatever witnesses they intend to call on Sytch’s behalf as well as any other materials or expert witness statements within 15 days.

The defense filed a notice today that they intend to take part in the discovery period and requested the State make available to them the following:

-The names and addresses of all persons known to the prosecutor to have information which may be relevant to the offense charged and any defense with respect thereto, and the information designated in Rule 3.220(b)(1)(i)(a), (b), and whether any such persons are under the age of 16 years.

-The statement, as defined in sub-paragraph (ii) of paragraph one of sub-section (b) of Section 3.220 of the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, of any person whose name is furnished in compliance with the preceding paragraph.

– Any written or recorded statement and the substance of any oral statements made by the accused and known to the prosecutor, together with the names and addresses of each witness to the statement, including a copy of any statements contained in police reports or report summaries.

-Any written or recorded statement and the substance of any oral statement made by a co-defendant if the trial is to be a joint one.

-Those portions of recorded grand jury minutes that contain testimony of the accused.

-Any tangible papers or objects which were obtained from or belonged to the accused.

-Where the state has any material or information which has been provided by a confidential informant.

-Whether there has been any electronic surveillance, including wiretapping, of the premises of the accused, or of conversations to which the accused was a party; and, any documents relating thereto.

-Whether there has been any search or seizure and any documents relating thereto.

– Reports or statements of experts made in connection with the particular case, including results of physical or mental examinations and scientific tests, experiments or comparisons.

-Any tangible papers or objects which the prosecuting attorney intends to use in the hearing or trial and which were not obtained from or belonged to the accused.

-A summary of the criminal records, if any, of each witness the state intends to call at the trial of this case.

-Any and all information known by or available to the State which would tend to negate the guilt of the accused. 


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