Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List


The Vijay Hazare Trophy, named after the legendary Indian test cricketer, Vijay Hazare, is a one-day cricket championship of the Indian domestic cricket circuit. Also referred to as the Ranji One-Day Trophy, it is played among the teams playing in the Ranji Trophy. Currently, a total of 38 teams take part in the cup with Tamil Nadu being the most successful team of the championship having won the title 5 times including the inaugural edition of the tournament. Let’s check out Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List in this article.

Tamil Nadu own Vijay Hazare Trophy 5 times which is most Vijay Hazare Title winning by a team.

The Vijay Hazare Trophy has seen numerous changes to its fixture formats just like the other domestic cricket championships. Till the 2014-15 season, the 28 participating teams used to be divided into five zones – North, South, East, West and Central. The group or the zonal stage was then followed by the knockout stage of the tournament. 

The current format, however, divides the 38 teams into five Elite Groups having six teams each and one Plate Group having the remaining eight teams. A round robin fixture is conducted within these groups wherein the table toppers of the five elite groups secure their spots in the quarterfinals and the second positioned teams in the five elite groups and the topper of the plate group contest for the remaining three spots in the preliminary quarterfinals. A knockout stage from here on determines the winner of the championship.

Himachal Pradesh being the latest to enter the List of Winners of the Vijay Hazare Trophy, let us take a look at how different teams have fared in the prestigious List-A tournament. 

Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List

Season  Winner Runner-Up
2002-03 Tamil Nadu Punjab
2003-04 Mumbai Bengal
2004-05 Tamil Nadu & Uttar Pradesh NA
2005-06 Railways Uttar Pradesh
2006-07 Mumbai  Rajasthan
2007-08 Saurashtra Bengal
2008-09 Tamil Nadu  Bengal
2009-10 Tamil Nadu Bengal
2010-11 Jharkhand Gujarat
2011-12 Bengal Mumbai 
2012-13 Delhi Assam
2013-14 Karnataka Railways
2014-15 Karnataka Punjab
2015-16 Gujarat Delhi
2016-17 Tamil Nadu  Bengal
2017-18 Karnataka Saurashtra
2018-19 Mumbai Delhi
2019-20 Karnataka Tamil Nadu
2020-21 Mumbai Uttar Pradesh
2021-22 Himachal Pradesh Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has won the trophy 5 times which is the most by any team and is followed by Karnataka and Mumbai with 4 titles each and Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the only two teams in the history of the tournament to win the trophy for two consecutive years. 

The 2004-05 season of the cup saw two winners in the form of Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh as the final between the two resulted in a tie.

FAQ’s on Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List

Who won the Vijay Hazare Trophy most of the time?

Tamil Nadu own Vijay Hazare Trophy 5 times which is most Vijay Hazare Title winning by a team.

Who has Most runs in the history of Vijay Hazare Trophy?

Yashpal Singh made 3193 runs which is highest by anyone in Vijay Hazare Trophy.

Who has Most runs in a single season of Vijay Hazare Trophy ?

Prithvi Shaw scored 827 runs in the 2020-21 season which is highest in a single season of Vijay Hazare Trophy.

Who has Highest individual score in an innings of Vijay Hazare trophy?

Prithvi Shaw made 227 runs against Puducherry in the 2020-21 season of Vijay Hazare trophy.


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