U-19 World Cup 2022 – Earthquake felt at Ireland-Zimbabwe U-19 World Cup match at Queen’s Park Oval


Play was not interrupted, although broadcaster’s camera wobbled and the tremors were felt in the commentary box

An earthquake off the coast of Port of Spain sent mild tremors through the Queen’s Park Oval on Saturday while Zimbabwe were batting against Ireland at the Under-19 World Cup. It had no impact on play, but the commentators mentioned the tremors they experienced during the live broadcast.

Ireland spinner Matthew Humphreys was bowling the fifth bowl of the sixth over to Brian Bennett when the front-on camera showing the action began to shake furiously. Play was not halted as Bennett played a defensive shot to mid-off, and then dispatched the next ball to the boundary.

Andrew Leonard, the ICC commentator calling the action, said as soon as the camera began to wobble: “We are… I believe we are having an earthquake right now. In the box. We are indeed having an earthquake (laughs). It felt like not just a train going by behind us, but the whole Queen’s Park Oval media centre rocked.” The earthquake did not impact the broadcast either in any other way.

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