The Undertaker: Bianca Belair Is Only Scratching The Surface Of The Star She’ll Be


The Undertaker

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The Undertaker sees plenty more success in the future for Bianca Belair.

During a recent interview with Sports IllustratedThe Undertaker spoke about the state of the WWE women’s division and pointed out the impressive work Becky Lynch is doing.

“Becky is so dialed in right now,” says The Undertaker. “You’re on TV as much as they are, you can get used up really fast—but Becky is constantly evolving. She’s doing that on the mic and in the ring.”

The Undertaker also said that Bianca Belair, the current RAW Women’s Champion, is going to be a huge star and she’s showing just part of her potential now.

“The women’s division is really, really good,” Calaway says. “Bianca has only scratched the surface of the star she’s going to be. She’s got such an incredible personality. She’s someone I really want to see succeed. And Becky is just on a whole other level. You never know what’s coming next. Watching what she’s doing, it’s clear she has the potential to be on top for a long time.”

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