Savings Culture on Rise in the UAE


  • A  shift in savings behavior leads to one of the most profitable years for National Bonds
  • Eight new millionaires were created in 2021, and savers won AED 36.9 million in prizes

More and more UAE nationals and residents are embracing a culture of savings, as was evident from the 2021 annual profits report released by National Bonds, which highlighted an investment increase of 36% to AED 11.89 Billion in 2021. National bonds is the UAE Shari’a-compliant savings and investment company owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai.

Savers earned returns of up to 3.33% on their savings; one of the highest in the region. Irrespective of the size of their savings, all National Bonds customers enjoyed healthy returns in 2021. Bondholders also won AED 36.9 million in draw prizes and received additional bonuses from the Mudarib’s funds, based on their invested amount, tenure, and savings behavior.

The company also reported an increase of 64% in sales, attributing the growth to its innovative savings programs and services as well as the growing awareness of the benefits of saving amongst people.

National Bonds’ digital-savvy savers also increased by 62.4% because of the seamless onboarding and the operational fluidity the mobile app offers.

Commenting on the company’s exceptional performance in 2021, Khalifa Al Daboos, Chairman of National Bonds, said: “National Bonds’ growth is a direct reflection of the shift in mindsets regarding the habit of saving. We are pleased to note that more and more people are going back to the roots of sound and low-risk savings to ensure their current and future financial security.”

Our key mission at National Bonds is to relentlessly spread the culture of savings in line with our leadership’s vision, through catering to our customer’s evolving needs via innovative products and digital solutions,” he added.

Congratulating savers on their extraordinary earnings in 2021, Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, Group CEO of National Bonds, said, “We are very pleased to share the news of the profit distribution of an exceptional year with National Bonds’ savers. As the global economy gathered pace in 2021, it is encouraging to see bondholders from all segments able to enjoy the benefits of healthy Returns-on-Investment (ROI) with National Bonds.

“The company has achieved impressive growth, thanks to its endeavors of constant innovation led by strong leadership. This will enhance our customers’ confidence and make National Bonds the go-to savings and investment powerhouse in the UAE,” he added.

Regular savers welcome high rewards.

Long-term National Bonds savers, who have been with the company since 2006, saw a cumulative increase of nearly 64.11% in their savings this year.

Many regular savers expressed joy upon receiving their earnings. One from Albania said, “I am 40 years old. I started saving with National Bonds in 2015, and finally, with my husband, we could buy our first house in Dubai.”

Another excited saver from India said, “I was 36 when I came to Sharjah to work for a recreational center, and I was able to save an ample amount in National Bonds. Despite financial difficulties, we were able to manage well because we had sound savings. We had, indeed, saved for a rainy day.”

Inclusive Growth

With record numbers of young savers and women moving to National Bonds for its industry-leading returns, the company noted an increase of 17% and 9%, respectively, in its women and junior saver segments’ investments in 2021. This is evidence that more people than ever before recognize the value of saving and have been rewarded for it.

Big Winners

National Bonds created 8 new millionaires in 2021, and AED 36.9 million and 16 luxury cars were distributed as prizes. Since its inception, the company has made 202 millionaires and distributed prizes worth more than AED 695 million.

Nearly 15% of the savings at National Bonds in 2021 were made towards education which remains a key reason for parents and youth to save, as detailed in a survey conducted by National Bonds. Other top reasons include investment (17.6%), retirement (16.8%), buying a house (16%), having an emergency fund (12.4%), opening a business (9.3%), travel (6.6%), buying a car (3.4%) and wedding fund (2.6%).


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