Save Up to $130 on Deals at the Ultenic Amazon Store


Ultenic offers many great products, from multiple types of vacuums to a smart air fryer. They have great deals on all their products right now. We’re highlighting three of the best: two robot vacuums and the smart air fryer. Check out these deals that will save you up to $130.

Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Ultenic Products T10

The T10 will continue to empty itself into the self-empty base for 60 days before you have to change out the dustbag. At the same time it is picking up 60 days worth of dirt, it will also be grabbing 99.7% of the fine dust particules with a max suction power of 3000Pa. The 2-in-1 dustbin has a water tank that allows you to simultaneously vacuum and mop. Advanced laser navigation performs 360º omnidirectional scanning to map your home for thorough coverage. There is also an option to control theT10 via Alexa or Google Assistant.

Get $130 off the Ultenic T10 with the code ULTPD111 to pay just $369.

Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Ultenic D5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Ultenic Products D5s

The 2-in-1 dustbin with water tank in the D5s allows you to vacuum and mop your floors simultaneously. 3000Pa suction power and a three-stage cleaning system will pick up dust, pet hair, and even M&Ms from both hard floors and carpet. Upgraded sensors map out your home to efficiently clean every room and will run for 150 minutes on one charge. The D5s will return to the dock on its own when the battery is low and will pick up where it left off once it’s recharged.

Take $44 off the Ultenic D5s with the code ULTPD444 to pay just $175.

Ultenic D5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Ultenic K10 Air Fryer 5.3 qt.

Ultenic Products K10

The K10 provies hotter, faster, and crispier food with Dual-Air Technology and cooks up to four times faster than an oven, reducing the oil that you’re consuming by up to 90% and preserving more nutrients. The K10 has 11 presets and includes hundreds of chef-inspired recipes. It will intelligently cook french fries, steak, bacon, and even a whole roasted chicken. All you need to do is press a button on the ergonomic touchscren or do it hands-free with Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s dishwasher-safe, too!

Take $20 off the Ultenic K10 with the code ULTPD555 to pay just $89.

Ultenic K10 Air Fryer 5.3 qt.

Be sure to check out all of the deals on Ultenics products at the Amazon Store.

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