Queens Season 2: Music Drama Series Canceled by ABC


The Queens have been dethroned.

ABC has decided to put an end to the show with Queens. The music drama series has been canceled for good after its first season. The first season of the show finished airing in February this year. The series was so good that it even received 100% on the Tomatometer however, it still got low ratings.

Now that you know that even if a show is liked from a critic’s point of view, it can still draw lower ratings from the audience and get canceled. But what were the circumstances leading to the downfall of the show and what caused the show to end so abruptly?

Here is everything we know about it so far:

What Was Queens About?

In the 90s, a group called Nasty Bitches was wreaking havoc in the world of hip-hop. Their single, “Nasty Girl” topped the charts and made them one of the greatest girl groups of all time. However, even after all their success, the elements of jealousy and internal conflicts led to the downfall of the group.

The group had 4 members: Brianna also known as Professor Sex, Jill known as Da Thrill, Valeria also called Butter Pecan and Naomi aka Xplicit Lyrics. The ladies of the once-popular group soon reached their 40s and are living separately from each other without getting in touch.

Eric Jones, the former manager of the group decides to bring the girls back together and makes a plan for their reunion. The women in their 40s reunite once again to relive their moment of fame and their legendary past.

Why Is the Show Canceled?

When the show started airing in October 2021, it had pretty ok ratings with a 0.4 demo rating with 1.78 million viewers in Live+Same Day. However, during the show’s airing, it was bested by other competitive shows.

One of the major factors for the show losing ratings was that one of the main characters of the show, Eve, decided to take a break from the series because of her pregnancy.

Zahir McGhee, the series showrunner talked about her return when he said: “I know she’s super proud of the show, I know she’s watching. And the show is obviously better with her. So, we’re definitely hopeful that she’s going to come back. But it’s not something I ask her about, because [new motherhood] is just way more important, and we want to give her that time and that space.”

By the end of season 1, we saw the Queens doing a live performance where we saw hints that Eve might have returned but the show ended on a cliffhanger and was later canceled. The major reason for the show’s cancelation is because it was the least-watched series on the ABC network.

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