PCB Worried Over IPL Expansion, Set To Have Discussion With Other Cricket Boards

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is reportedly set to have a discussion with other cricket boards over the proposed expansion of the Indian Premier League (IPL). PCB has taken the decision after BCCI secretary Jay Shah’s recent comments regarding the IPL window.

After attracting the mind-boggling revenue of Rs 48,390 crore for a five year period through IPL’s media rights, Shah said that the BCCI will be getting a “two and a half month window” for the IPL in ICC’s next FTP cycle starting from 2024 till 2031. And while most of the cricket boards are more than likely to support it, the PCB feel that it could have an adverse effect on various international series.

“From the next FTP cycle, IPL will have an official two-and-a-half month window so that all the top international cricketers can participate. We have had discussions with various boards as well as the ICC,” Shah had said in a recent interview with PTI.

IPL trophy (Credits: Twitter)

Jay Shah’s comments seemed to have left PCB worried as they are looking to have a discussion with the other ICC members over the affect of IPL on international cricket. A PCB official has stated that a discussion on the IPL is likely to take place in the upcoming ICC board meeting.

The PCB official stated that the board was happy to see cricket attracting such a huge amount of money. At the same time, he said that the BCCI’s ambitious plans to totally book the top international players for the IPL every year could have an adverse effect on international bilateral series.

“The ICC board meeting will be held during the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in July and this matter will probably be discussed there,” the PCB official told PTI.

“Mr Jay Shah has said the BCCI is committed to international bilateral cricket but with so many leagues cropping up and the IPL planning expansion this has to be discussed among the cricket boards,” the PCB official added.

No IPL for Pakistani players:

While players from around the world take part in the IPL every year, the Pakistani players do not. This could be one of the main reasons behind PCB raising their voice over the proposed expansion of the IPL window.

Pakistani players have not been included in the IPL auctions after first edition since Mumbai terror attack in 2008. Several Pakistani players played in the inaugural season of the tournament but has not been able to do it since then. The Indian government has barred them from taking part in the league due to the poor bilateral relations between the two nations.

ICC ODI Team Rankings
Pakistan National Cricket Team (Credits: Twitter)

India and Pakistan do not play bilateral series against each other either. They last played a Test series way back in 2007 while the last bilateral series between them took place in 2012/13 season when Pakistan visited India for a short limited-overs tour. Since then, they have only faced each other in ICC tournaments and the Asia Cup.

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