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IPL 2022 – KKR vs MI

On a pitch that posed problems to every other batter, and in a chase that had just got tense, Pat Cummins walked out and produced an innings for the ages. The Kolkata Knight Riders allrounder hammered an unbeaten 56 off just 15 balls to utterly stun the Mumbai Indians. Here is a snapshot of the chaos

Andre Russell has just been dismissed. The score is 101 for 5. The target is 162

13.2 Mills to Cummins, 1 run good length ball wide of off, and dragged to cover away from his body

13.5 Mills to Cummins, SIX runs Cummins lands from Pakistan, and sends that flying to Mumbai! Good length ball on middle, and right in the slot. Hoicked over fine leg for six

13.6 Mills to Cummins, FOUR runs four this time! These are valuable runs for his side. Finds the gap between point and short third man, as he drags this fullish ball wide of off. Plays away from his body, but still manages to place where he wanted

Knight Riders need 47 off 36

14.2 Bumrah to Cummins, no run, slower-ball yorker just outside off. Cummins almost looked prepared to dispatch that, before realising he never had the pace he wanted

14.3 Bumrah to Cummins, no run, on the bounce to extra cover! Another slower ball, but full and wider of off. Pushed away from his body

14.4 Bumrah to Cummins, SIX runs that flies off the bat to deep midwicket! Bring on Mills and Bumrah, but Cummins is not going anywhere. Pretty full on off, as he gets his front leg out of the way, and swings with freedom. Although that didn’t really come off the middle, it still went a long way

14.5 Bumrah to Cummins, FOUR runs, short third man dives to his left, but doesn’t get a hand! Would have been wide had Cummins left it alone. Full and pretty wide of off, as he goes for a fish and manages to get off the outside half of the bat

14.6 Bumrah to Cummins, 1 run, a low full toss on off at 140kph, as Bumrah goes for the yorker. Jammed to long-on

Knight Riders need 35 off 30

15.1 Sams to Cummins, SIX runs, over long-on now! Cummins making up with the bat after being expensive with the ball. Slower ball on a hitting length and full on off, as he swings after waiting for the ball to come

15.2 Sams to Cummins, FOUR runs, between long-on and deep midwicket now! Sams bowls a slower ball, which turns out to be a full toss on off. Cummins clears his front leg, and sends that heaving

15. 3 Sams to Cummins, SIX runs, six more! Over deep midwicket. You know how he did it, didn’t you? Anyway, waits for the slower ball to come, gets his front leg out of the way, goes down on his back knee and really nails that over the fielder

15.4 Sams to Cummins, SIX runs, 6, 4, 6, 6. He is on 44 off 12 balls now. On a shortish length on middle and leg, and he swivels to pull over fine leg. Great shot, as he piles up boundaries after boundaries

15.5 Sams to Cummins, (no ball) 2 runs is that an excellent catch by Surya at long-off? That was taken extremely well, but it is called no-ball for height. Oh my, everything happening here. Sams ends up bowling a high full toss on off, and Cummins swats that to long-off with his bottom hand off. Surya there was falling back while he took the catch, with his back leg very close to the rope. He ended up going outside the rope and pushed the ball back in, only to be back in and take it again. So an outstanding effort all in vain there

15.5 Sams to Cummins, FOUR runs, Cummins equals the record of the fastest IPL fifty! Just 14 balls for his fifty. Slower ball on a short of a length on off, and he pulls to deep square leg after letting the ball come to him

15.6 Sams to Cummins, SIX runs, Oh God, Knight Riders have won with four overs to spare! They needed 35 from 30 balls, and Cummins got them all in six deliveries. Unbelievable stuff! Cummins ends with 56 off 15 balls. Four fours and six sixes in that innings. Slower ball on a full length on fifth stump, as he went slogging over the bowler’s head. A lifetime of a T20 innings there

Mumbai suffer their third straight loss of IPL 2022. Daniel Sams records the third-most expensive over (35) in IPL history. Knight Riders leap into the top spot on the points table.

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