Enjoy Wrestling Presents “Renegade” Episode 3 Recap


We open the show with Meg Fair interviewing “Speedball” Mike Bailey. Mike says that they want to prove that they are the best and the only way to do that is to beat the best, which is Lee Moriarty. This is a first time match up and Speedball’s debut in Pittsburgh and in Enjoy.

This is a match up between a master of martial arts, Mike Bailey, and the master of TAIGASTYLE and hometown favorite, Lee Moriarty. The crowd is firmly behind Lee, but is also showing respect for Speedball. Both are considered two of the best wrestlers in North America. They open with a handshake and exchange holds with Lee getting the early advantage. Bailey answers with some strikes to Lee’s legs and they have a back-and-forth exchange that is entirely too quick for me to keep track of, but ends with a crossbody from Lee. Lee goes for the Lucha armdrag, but Bailey kicks him out of the air.

Bailey brings the fight to the outside and gives Lee double knees off the steps to the displeasure of the crowd. They bring Lee back in the ring and hit him with a standing double knees. Lee goes back after Bailey’s arm, but Bailey answers with kicks and a standing corkscrew. Lee goes after the arm again and hits a suplex followed by a flying forearm and a running boot for a two count. The crowd is really behind Lee and Bailey answers with kicks, but Lee comes back with a spinning chop.

Lee flips Bailey to the outside and hits him with a dive, but Bailey quickly answers with a moonsault off the corner to the outside. The crowd parts and they fight up to the stage. Lee puts Bailey in an arm lock, then tries a sunset flip, but Bailey takes that opportunity to hit a standing moonsault double knees. The crowd is chanting “This is awesome” as both competitors make their way back to the ring. Bailey misses a kick and Lee puts them in an armlock, but Bailey answers with a standing Spanish Fly for a near fall. Lee takes Bailey down and locks in the Motor City Stretch, which he learned from his amazing matches with Alex Shelley.

The crowd is chanting for Bailey to tap but they are able to make it to the ropes. Lee hits Bailey with multiple boots to the head, but Bailey answers with a flurry of kicks of their own. Bailey goes for the Flamingo Driver, but Lee slips out and they exchange pinfall attempts. Bailey hits Lee with the standing double knees again, then a buzzsaw kick. Speedball goes for the Flamingo Driver again and are able to hit it this time, but Lee kicks out to a huge reaction from the fans.

Bailey hits a tornado kick in the corner. They go for the shooting star knee drop, but Lee avoids it and locks Bailey in the European Clutch. Bailey is not able to escape, and Lee gets the win in an amazing match. It appears that there is a mutual respect between the two combatants, as they shake hands after the match.


The main event of this episode and the Renegade event is MV Young against JD Drake for the Enjoy Championship. Meg spoke with JD, who says that he is going to beat MV the same way that he did at their last encounter at Effy’s Big Gay Brunch. We see a commercial from David Lawless Esq., who is looking for someone to beat MV to win the title for him. The commercial has a bit of a glitch, as it appears that someone may be coming for Lawless.

The Blue-Collar Bad Ass JD Drake comes to the ring and does not appear to have many fans in Pittsburgh. However once Renegade starts playing and MV Young comes to the ring the Terrible Towels are in the air and the fans are screaming for their hometown champion. JD grabs the mic from Meg Fair and says that he doesn’t give a shit about the belt, he only gives a shit about beating MV’s ass, and then he will beat the ass of everyone in the crowd.

They open the match by exchanging forearms. MV sends Drake into the corner and hits him with a suplex, but Drake pops right back up and slaps MV in the face. They exchange slaps with neither backing down. JD gets the advantage and goes for a backdrop but MV hits him with a suplex, driving Drake to the outside. MV then hits Drake with a running kick off the apron.

They exchange strikes on the outside and MV drives Drake into the post. MV takes JD to the bar, but Drake picks him up and gives him a back suplex on the bar. Drake goes back in the ring as the crowd is chanting for MV. JD brings MV into the ring with a neckbreaker. JD keeps the pressure on MV with strikes, a body slam and a headbutt. He hits MV with a kick followed by a double chop. He then hits an elbow followed by two standing sentons and a running shooting star press. JD is incredibly athletic, especially for someone his size.

JD starts talking trash to the fans and misses in the corner. MV follows up with a cannonball and takes the fight back to the outside. MV runs at Drake, but JD catches him. He throws MV off the ropes and hits him with a clothesline. He then runs MV face first into the post, which causes MV to start bleeding. JD smells blood as they go back in the ring. Drake continues to lay strikes into MV, but MV is resilient. Drake goes to the second rope, but MV brings him down with a suplex. MV hits Drake with a running knee, but Drake kicks out at two. MV lays into Drake with chops but Drake answers with a spinning forearm followed by a shining wizard.

Drake hits MV with a splash off the second rope, but MV kicks out again. Drake goes for a senton off the top, but MV moves. MV hits two running knees, but Drake kicks out. He then hits Drake with another knee in the corner, followed by a suplex with a bridge for the win. MV retains the title and earns the respect of JD Drake in the process.

This wraps up the “Renegade” episodes. Up next is the Enjoy Cup tag team tournament on July 2nd at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh.


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