Did Rohit Sharma Slam Kapil Dev? Journalist Who Asked Rohit Sharma The Question Clarifies


Journalist Vimal Kumar has leapt in defence of Rohit Sharma as the latter faced heat from several fans for his recent remarks on legendary Kapil Dev. With Virat Kohli struggling with his form, Kapil had urged India to pick players based on their form and not reputation.

And when Rohit was asked about it, he said that Kapil is watching the game from the outside and does not know what is happening inside. Rohit’s answer, however, has not gone down well with some fans.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma (Credits: Twitter)

One such fan called Rohit arrogant and criticised him. This is when the journalist who had asked Rohit the question about Kapil clarified the matter.

“Arrogance is hallmark of current crop of Indian cricketers. They are called ‘great’ so easily that they ask why experts are called experts. Kapil Dev, for one, has 434 wkts AND more runs than #RohitSharma in Tests. Even in ODIs, Kapil’s 175* is still India’s best ever innings,” wrote the fan.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli (Credits: Twitter)

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In reply, the journalist wrote: “#RohitSharma didn’t question cricket experts like Kapil but ‘media experts’ . Context and tone is important and I am witness to that because I asked that question.”


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