Chhavi Mittal To Troll’s “Gain Sympathy” Comment


'I Didn't Choose Cancer, It Chose Me': Chhavi Mittal To Troll's 'Gain Sympathy' Comment

Chhavi Mittal shared this image. (courtesy: chhavihussein)

New Delhi:

TV star Chhavi Mittal in her latest Instagram post, called out a troll that claimed that the actress’ recent post on cancer was a way to “gain sympathy.” The Instagram user’s comment on Chhavi’s post reflects everything that is wrong with the Internet. On Tuesday, Chhavi Mittal posted a screenshot of the troll, whose comment read, “Oh, ur again here to gain some sympathy and PR (sic).” In response to the distasteful and highly insensitive comment, Chhavi Mittal wrote: “I didn’t choose cancer, it chose me didn’t choose cancer, it chose me.” The 41-year-old actress revealed earlier this year that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Posting a screenshot of the troll’s comment, Chhavi Mittal wrote: “This comment was there on my post yesterday where I talked about how I braced the cancer news… sitting amongst lots of other beautiful comments.”

This is what Chhavi Mittal wrote in her post: “I didn’t choose cancer, it chose me. The emotional trauma that a cancer survivor goes through cannot be expressed in words or gestures. Even the ones closest to them cannot fathom it. And you can’t even imagine the courage it takes me to speak about it on a public forum. Although the courage you have shown to troll a cancer fighter is also pretty commendable. And just like you cannot imagine my thoughts behind doing this… even I can’t imagine the amount of trauma you must have gone through in your life to feel feelings of this extent of negativity.” She signed off the post with these words: “Just like I share everything else on social media, I will share my prayer for you here too. May you get peace within.” The Ek Chutki Aasma actress added the hashtag #Peace to her post.

Read Chhavi Mittal’s post here.

On Monday, the actress shared a post on Instagram, where she talked about how she dealt with the situation after the doctor told Chhavi about her cancer diagnosis. She captioned the post: “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Breast Cancer has taught me that only you can win your battle. Stay strong! Stay motivated.”

Chhavi Mittal is best-known for her roles in shows such as Tumhari Disha and Ek Chutki Aasma. She has also featured in shows such as Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann and Teen Bahuraaniyaan. She also co-starred with Isha Koppikar and Sonu Sood in the film Ek Vivaah… Aisa Bhi.

Chhavi Mittal is married to writer Mohit Hussein, with whom she co-owns a digital content platform. The actress is a mother to two kids – a son named Arham and daughter Areeza.


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