Carmella & Kelly Kelly Show Behind In Beach Photos

Carmella and Kelly Kelly have recently uploaded photos showing a backside view, as seen below.

Carmella is married to Corey Graves, while another WWE star also married a diva.

The Undertaker is truly a legend in the world of professional wrestling as he gave more than thirty years of his life to the business. He ended his career at the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view back in 2020, bringing an end to his legacy. The Undertaker also terrified a WWE Superstar before he got fired by the company. 

The Undertaker has been married to former WWE Superstar and former WWE Divas & Women’s Champion Michelle McCool for eleven years now and fans were surprised when the two tied the knot back in 2010. Now it seems the two are celebrating their 12th year together and it is certainly a joyous occasion.

The Phenom has worked with the top pro wrestlers in the history of the business throughout the years and has had great matches with many of them. After shedding literal blood, sweat, and tears. He was also inducted into the Hall Of Fame and had a wonderful speech that was over an hour long.

While speaking on the first episode of WWE Rivals The Undertaker Vs Kane, Michelle McCool recalled a hilarious incident at her wedding to The Undertaker. It had to do with Kane.

“When you are with anybody, 300+ days a year, you become family whether you like it or not. They are legitimately are like brothers, they are that close. It’s actually funny because so many people in our extended family felt they are brothers.

At our wedding, they are like, ‘Your other four brothers are here. Where is Kane?’ Ehh he is not really a real brother, but they are super close, they’re great friends.

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