Bray Wyatt’s Storyline Will Be A Landmark


Bray Wyatt is an excellent performer. He knows how to make a storyline interesting. His return at Extreme Rules has been the exciting part of the entire show. The Eater of Worlds returned on the mic this past week on SmackDown and cut an exciting and intriguing promo.

The promo ended on a note where a vignette played on the titantron asking Bray Wyatt to return to where he was. Bray Wyatt was frightened or rather sad at what had transpired between the gap from his previous run.

It gave us a hint that there’s some alter ego that is still controlling Bray Wyatt and he needs to be aware of it. He even talked about how things have changed since his time out of the WWE. He now knows who he is, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What Happens next With Bray Wyatt?

Bray Wyatt will have to fight the alter ego that has been bothering him for such a long time. It looks like Bray Wyatt has been able to get his characters free off of the Firefly Fun House. The alter-ego which is him in a different character has been the cliffhanger.

If one notices the similarity between the things that have changed, then The Fiend’s mask has been changed. Bray Wyatt entered with the mask but then took it off as an indication that he has freed himself from the other power that was holding him back.

In an attempt to do so, he may have lost himself and the other power still controls him in some way or haunts him. It would be interesting to see what happens next and how is Bray Wyatt going to pull this one off.

Will this be done with the help of Bo Dallas? Is the other power represented by Bo Dallas who would fight him in a match before surrendering to Bray Wyatt to join him in his rumored ‘Wyatt 6’ faction? It would set the tone for a feud between the two down the line.

A storyline of this level makes absolute sense. Bray Wyatt is a wrestling genius and we have to Bo-Lieve that Bo Dallas is similar to Bray Wyatt as he knows every move he makes. Bo has done exceptional work with every character that has been handed over to him. It would be exceptional to see two geniuses in one storyline.

What do you have to say about this possible storyline? Sound off in the comments.

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