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Big Fight Feel: Masha Slamovich vs Debbie Malenko

People love a big time generational battle. When two wrestlers from different generations clash in the ring, it can truly lead to something special. West Coast Pro Wrestling has the privilege of hosting yet another one of these battles as Masha Slamovich and Debbie Malenko are set to face off at their Game Related event. Here we have two women who went to Japan and made something of themselves. Both going as far as becoming the best possible competitor they can be.


Masha Slamovich

West Coast Pro Record: 2-1

Masha Slamovich has come such a long way in such a short time. While wrestling was limited stateside, Masha was in Japan, training and competing for companies like Sendai Girls and Marvelous. Her time in Japan has only sharpened her skills as since returning to the US, she’s racked up accomplishments by the handful. These include being both CFU Undisputed Champion and GSW World Women’s Champion, as well as winning the IWTV Award for Breakout Star of 2021. She also left such an impression in her IMPACT Wrestling debut that she was offered a contract on the spot by none other than Gail Kim.

I look forward to facing Debbie Malenko this Friday for many reasons. She’s an excellent wrestler without a doubt, she wrestled alongside my coaches, the women I look up to. I consider myself well versed in the Japanese style, and what better way to prove that, than against someone who knows the style just as well.


Debbie Malenko

West Coast Pro Record: Debut

To say Debbie Malenko is one of the trailblazers for gaijin women in Japan is an understatement. She gained her last name as a graduate of the Malenko Dojo. Her graduating class featured the likes of Sean Waltman and Norman Smiley. Debbie is also the only woman to have ever been taught by the legendary grappler, Karl Gotch. She would find her greatest success in All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling. It was there where she won the Japanese Tag Team Championships with Sakie Hasegawa. Malenko also found herself regularly facing off with legends like Aja Kong, Manami Toyota, and Bull Nakano.

As Masha moves from one banner year to the next, now she’s rolling into one of the biggest matches of her young career. Amid a comeback, Debbie will surely have to put her years of experience to full use against Masha. Will the veteran overcome the hot young talent? Or will Russian Dynamite go off on Debbie with a bang? You can see it all go down as WCPW presents Game Related on April 15th at 10 PM EST on IWTV.

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