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AEW Rampage Results – Apr. 15, 2022 – Hangman Page vs. Adam Cole – TPWW

Results by Matt Boone of

April 15, 2022
Garland, TX – Curtis Culwell Center
Commentary: Excalibur, Taz & Ricky Starks

Quick Match Results

  1. Trios Match: Blackpool Combat Club defeated Gunn Club via O’Connor Roll by Yuta on Billy Gunn
  2. The Butcher defeated Barrett Brown via powerbomb
  3. Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying Match: Ruby Soho defeated Robyn Renegade via No Future
  4. AEW World Championship Texas Death Match: Hangman Page (c) defeated Adam Cole via Dead Eye off the apron through a table on the outside after putting a barbed wire crown on Adam Cole

Trios Match
Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson & Wheeler Yuta) vs. Gunn Club

William Regal joins the gang on special guest commentary for this bout. Jon Moxley’s theme then hits and he makes his custom ring entrance.

All six men are in the ring and our AEW Trios bout is about to get underway. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our first match of the show.

We see Wheeler Yuta start things off for his team as the fans immediately break out in a “Yuta! Yuta!” chant while Regal and the rest of the commentary sing his praises over the broadcast.

Austin Gunn does well with Yuta coming out of the gate, however a flipping-neckbreaker from Yuta slows him down. He traps Gunn’s leg in a submission hold and lays in some ground and pound for good measure.

From there, he lets go of the legs of Gunn and tags in Danielson, who picks up where he left off, trapping the legs of Austin Gunn and handling him with ease with his superior ground / submission skills.

Danielson flips him up in a surfboard and after letting him go, Austin scrambles over and tags in Billy Gunn. Billy stares Danielson down and the two grill each other for a moment or so before finally engaging.

Billy ends up getting the better of their initial exchanges, eventually decking Danielson with a back elbow. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

We return from the break to see Colten Gunn dominating the offense, working over Danielson before tagging Austin Gunn back into the match.

Austin gets in some shots on Danielson, but within a few seconds we see Danielson blast him with a big shot. He then tags in Moxley, who works him over a bit. Billy tags in for his team moments later, as does Yuta for his.

Yuta and Billy stare each other down before engaging. When they do, we see Billy turn Yuta nearly inside-out before going for a pin attempt. He only gets two upon covering him, so the action continues.

Billy hits Yuta with a big shot and then bounces off the ropes for his FameAssEr attempt, however Yuta avoids it and surprises Billy up with a roll-up. He gets good leverage on the cover and scores the three-count, ending the undefeated streak of The Gunn Club.

Winners: Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta & Jon Moxley

The Butcher vs. Barrett Brown

Joining the gang on special guest commentary for this one is “The Chairman of AEW” Shawn Spears. Already in the ring is The Butcher’s opponent, who is never clearly stated on the broadcast.

The opponent heads to the top-rope and catches Butcher with a missile drop kick that has no affect on his larger opposition. He simply bounces off The Butcher.

From there, The Butcher begins to manhandle him. He ultimately hits him with a powerbomb of his own, sending a message to Wardlow in the process, to score the quick squash match victory via pin fall.

Winner: The Butcher

Backstage: Dustin Rhodes

After the match we shoot backstage where we hear a quick word from “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes.

The wrestling legend touts his victory over Lance Archer, boasting about taking him out of the top five in the rankings in the process.

From there, he extends a formal public challenge to another wrestling legend — CM Punk. He wants to share the ring with the fellow legendary performer next week.

Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying Match
Ruby Soho vs. Robyn Renegade

We see some early back-and-forth action and then Soho takes over as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Soho in the middle of going for a back-suplex. Renegade defends well but Soho ends up connecting with it anyways.

Soho has Renegade down in the corner and as the referee warns her for not breaking on his command, we see Robyn’s twin sister, Charlotte Renegade, pull the old switch-a-roo with Robyn.

Ruby Soho, unaware of the switch, heads to the top-rope. She goes for a big high spot, however Charlotte gets her knees up. Soho lands on them and is hurt, but recovers.

When Soho goes after Charlotte, she scurries to the ropes and exits out to the floor, where Robyn, fully recovered, again changes places with her twin sister.

Robyn re-enters the ring and looks to take advantage of being the fresher of the two, however Soho ends up hitting her with her finisher, No Future, and scoring the pin fall victory.

With the win, Ruby Soho qualifies for the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament.

Winner and QUALIFYING for Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament: Ruby Soho

AEW World Championship
Texas Death Match
Hangman Page (c) vs. Adam Cole

W shoot backstage where Mark Henry hosts the weekly split-screen pre-main event interview. “Hangman” begins first, vowing to end the obsession that Cole has with him and his championship tonight.

Adam Cole then takes his turn to speak, delivering a quick message about why he feels he is going to win. Mark Henry then chimes back in and does his “enough talk” catchphrase. We then head to a pre-match commercial break.

As we settle back in from the commercial break, we see Justin Roberts standing in the ring where he begins the formal introductions for this championship contest in our main event.

The familiar sounds of Adam Cole’s theme song hits and out he comes for our final bout in this week’s special live edition of AEW Rampage.

Cole heads down to the ring and when he makes it to the ring apron, he waits for the right spot in his entrance music and does the “Boom … Adam Cole, bay-bay!” routine. The fans do it along with him as always.

Now the theme for the champ hits and out comes “Hangman” Adam Page, ready to display some “Cowboy sh*t.” He stops at the ring and reaches under it. He pulls out a steel chair and throws it in the ring before heading inside the ring ropes himself.

The title is held high in the air to show these two what they are competing for in this bout, which will be contested under Texas Deathmatch rules.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. Hangman blasts Cole with a good shot to get things started. He sends Cole out to the floor and then heads out after him.

Page blasts Cole with a big shot and walks around, only for Cole to grab a steel chair. He goes to wallop Page with it, however “Hangman” avoids it and drills Cole with a few more shots before whipping him into the steel ring steps.

Cole tries to set Page up for a spot at ringside upon recovering, however Page saw it coming and sends Cole flying over the guard rail. The fight continues as the two brawl throughout the crowd.

Page beats Cole down in the crowd and then gets a drink from a nearby fan. He chugs it to a big pop and then begins to head back for Cole, only to discover that he can’t find him.

He eventually does a few moments later and he picks up where he left off, taking it to the challenger as they head back down to the ringside area.

Page brings Cole back into the squared circle and continues to display what thus far has been a completely one-sided beatdown in this Texas Deathmatch main event for the AEW Championship.

He wedges a chair into the ropes and connects with a big high spot out of the corner. The crowd pops big for it and Page soaks in the love before unfolding a chair and taking a seat in the middle of the ring.

Cole is nearly counted out by referee Paul Turner, however he just beats the count. The two begin trading shots again as we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the commercial break, we see Cole in control of the action for the first time in the bout. He hits a big spot with some foreign objects.

Page is down and out and Cole heads to the corner and climbs up the ropes. When Page recovers he stands up and looks around for Cole. By the time he turns around, he walks right into a Panama Sunrise spot from Cole.

Cole hits it right in a pile of chairs in the ring and then the referee begins his count. Cole rolls out to the floor and when Page recovers, he goes to head after Cole. He leaps through the ropes but ends up falling right into a super kick from Cole.

We see Cole tell the ref to begin his count, and the ref obliges, getting to a seven count before Page is back up. Page rolls into the ring right into another Panama Sunrise from Cole.

A bloody Cole tells Page to begin his count again. Page is laid out and the camera shows a close up of the champ. We see his chin is busted open as Excalibur talks on commentary about the aforementioned super kick from Cole cutting him.

Page stays down until the count of nine from the ref this time, and just barely staggers to a vertical base to keep this match alive.

We see Cole go for another big spot but this time Page counters. Page hits one of his own and Cole is down and out. The fans chant “This is awesome!” as Page sits Cole down in an unfolded chair in the middle of the ring.

Page begins blasting Cole with back-elbows and then he picks up an additional chair. He unfolds it and sits it in front of the one Cole is seated in. He takes a seat and tells Cole to hit him.

The two break out in a wild punching exchange while they are both seated. They continue to exchange shots as they each stands up. They start mixing in additional strikes and each land super kicks.

Cole has Page outside the ring ropes and he blasts him with a big shot. He taunts him and then heads over to grab a chair. As he does, Page flips over the ropes into his Buckshot Lariat finisher.

Page takes his belt off and ties it around Cole’s wrist. He ties the other end to the top rope and exits the ring. He looks under it for some more foreign objects. He pulls out a chair wrapped in barbed wire.

He heads into the ring with it and hesitates, looking at whether or not he wants to go to a dark place, according to Excalibur on commentary. He decides against it, throwing the chair down.

Cole then frees himself from the ropes and blasts Page with a super kick. Page eventually cuts him off and hits a big shot. He grabs barbed wire and wraps it around his arm, blasting him with it again. Cole hits a shot of his own that knocks Page to the ring apron.

We see Cole head to the top-rope looking for another Panama Sunrise. Page avoids it and blasts Cole with another barbed wire covered punch. He then puts the barbed wire on Cole’s head, hoists him up and connects with a Dead Eye through a table set up down below at ringside. The fans react with a loud “holy sh*t!” chant.

The fans continue to chant as Page recovers and heads back into the ring. The referee ends up making it to the count of ten. Page wins. With the win, Page retains his AEW Championship.

Winner and STILL AEW Champion: “Hangman” Adam Page

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