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Sometimes, everyday products our editors use don’t make it into our in-depth, long-form comparative pieces in which we vigorously test similar products head-to-head. That’s where our Editors’ Picks come in — where we highlight everyday products we personally stand by and use on a daily basis, and think you should too.

In August, we were introduced to a plethora of products, from cat beds and compression socks to seat cushions. Some were forgettable, while others left a lasting impression. Because we’re committed to spotlighting the best products out there, we’ve decided to curate roundups of our favorite products we try each month.

Keep reading to check out the products we tested and couldn’t get enough of in August, or look back at our July favorites.

$12 at Comrad

Comrad Combed Cotton Crew Socks

These are the first compression socks I’ve tried, and I’m impressed with how comfortable they are. They are thick and cozy (and will definitely have a place in my winter sock rotation), and the crew cut doesn’t slip. I’ve now worn them on a few six-plus-hour-long flights and my feet and legs overall don’t feel as tired or achy when it’s time to deplane. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

From $21 at Dropps

Dropps Power Dish Spray Starter Kit

I’ve never used dish spray before, but I’ve been loving this one from Dropps. Once dishes start to pile up in the sink, I just spray everything I can with this, wait a bit, then scrub off all the soap and gunk with a brush and rinse clean. The spray makes the food and grease come off much easier, which means less time scrubbing AND less water used. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

$34 at Amazon

Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask

I’m a terrible sleeper. I wake up half a dozen times throughout the night and toss and turn. I’m always looking for products to help me get a better night’s rest and bought the NodPod weighted sleeping mask on a whim. When I was little, I used to put a homemade heating pad made with cherry pits on my eyes to help me fall asleep, and this has the same effect (just don’t heat it up). I’m honestly incredibly impressed by how comforting this feels on my eyes and found that I sleep deeper when I use it. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

$65 at Fable

Fable The Mugs

Fable kindly sent me a set of its Midnight Blue ceramic mugs back in August. I knew I’d like them, but I didn’t expect to like them *so* much that I’d rather wait for my dishwasher load to complete than reach for another one of the mugs in my vast collection. They just simply don’t compare; each mug holds a whopping 16 ounces of liquid, actually keeps drinks hot for longer and features a wider handle, which just all around feels comfier and cozier. They’re also dishwasher- and microwave-friendly and handmade from locally sourced and recycled clays. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

From $79 at Tuft + Paw

Tuft + Paw Cloud Nine Window Hammock

Cloud Nine is the perfect name for this chic window hammock; my cat Phoebe looks like a little angel atop a fluffy cloud when she lounges on it. This just-back-in-stock item is available with or without the Floof Blanket (I recommend with) and took under five minutes to assemble. It supports up to 30 pounds of weight and adheres securely to my window with the included suction cups, so I have no qualms about Phoebe using it as a perch to survey her kingdom. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

$229.99 $198.99 at Amazon

Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W)

I’ve tried so many different air purifiers that had a fatal flaw. Sometimes they’re way too loud. Sometimes they’re too big. Sometimes they don’t seem to do … anything at all. And sometimes their replacement filters are so expensive you consider ditching the whole idea altogether. But this one from Coway has been truly perfect in every way. Silent enough to forget it’s even on and compact enough for my studio apartment (plus, it looks like a big iPod Shuffle!), its powerful auto setting clicks on when I do something as small as blow out a candle (or even when my cat uses her litter box). I’ve been so incredibly happy with it. Enough to safely say I know this is the only purifier I’ll need for the rest of my life. What really sold me, though, is that its replacement filters are only $40 a pop. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

$58 at Outdoor Voices & $88 at Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices Thrive Bra & Thrive ⅞ Legging

As soon as I put this set on, I was instantly impressed. The material is made from the brand’s lightweight, breathable TechSweat fabric, and I barely felt like I was wearing anything at all (very ideal for hot summer days in the city). The bra is extremely flattering, with hidden pads, crisscross straps and a keyhole cutout, while the leggings featured a high-waisted band that helped cinch in my waist and keep the piece in place during a high-intensity workout. I love the added Outdoor Voices logo, and I can’t help but continue reaching for it each time I get dressed. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$38 at Amazon

Dazzle Dry Tutti Frutti System Kit

I usually expect my nail polish to chip after five days when I do my nails myself, but Dazzle Dry’s polishes last at least twice that. The four-step kit includes a nail prep, base coat, color polish and top coat. You have to trust the process a bit, as the base coat and nail lacquer dry matte, but the top coat brings back the shine. I love the Tutti Frutti coral shade for summer. The kit also includes a polish reviver for when your nail lacquer and top coat thickens due to evaporation, so you can keep the polish fresh. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

$255 at Amazon

Big Blanket Co. Premier Plush

There are two reasons why I needed this 10-foot blanket. The first is that I’m chronically cold and literally need every inch of my body to be covered at all times. The second is it can cover the entire length of my couch and protect it from my pup’s inevitable paw stains. The cream color really brightens up my living room, and the material is plush, soft and super warm. You can comfortably fit three or four people underneath this blanket, and once you wrap it around you, it’s so cozy it’s hard to get out of. Trust me, this is the only blanket you need. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$69.99 at Hatch

Hatch Rest (2nd Gen)

The Hatch Rest is the perfect bedtime companion for little ones, offering hundreds of combinations of lights, soothing sounds and alarms that create consistency in your child’s nighttime routine. I tried it with a 6-year-old child tester, and she loved the pink light and bird sound wake-up alarm. — Daniel Toy, copy editor

$8.90 at Amazon

PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash

For the past few months I’ve been battling what is probably the worst breakout of my life. That is, until I started using this rather controversial facial cleanser. I’ve heard that it can be harsh on skin, with a whopping 10% benzoyl peroxide, but I literally can never live without it again. Over the past few months I had tried masks, spot treatments, clarifying moisturizers and serums, and nothing (nothing!) made the acne on and around my chin actually start fading away until I started using this regularly. Using it just once a day has been revolutionary for me, and I’ve even been able to swap moisturizers without any flare-ups. Oh, and did I mention it’s less than $10? — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

$139.99 at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite

While I love being able to physically flip through and mark up book pages, traveling with two or three paperbacks in your carry-on can take up more room than you think. Plus, if you finish a book mid-flight or mid-trip, you’re stuck with the deadweight and have to search for other forms of entertainment. I’ve been really loving my Kindle Paperwhite during my summer travels since I can have 10 books at my fingertips for the space of less than one. And if you’re a library member, you can add your loans to the Kindle, giving you access to tons of free reading to fuel your whole trip. — Jillian Tracy, editorial coordinator

$999 at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Of all the foldable phones I’ve gotten my hands on, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the one I’d actually buy. This slick clamshell device doesn’t change much from last year’s model, but its uniquely compact design — essentially a modern take on the flip phones of old — makes it as practical as it is stylish. I love how you can take selfies from the Cover screen before you even open up the phone, and its extra-tall display gives you more space for scrolling than a typical smartphone once you flip it open. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

$5.91 at Amazon

Bocce’s Bakery Pumpk’n Spice Dog Treats

I’ve been thinking about PSL season since last PSL season and it’s finally an acceptable time to start stocking up on all things pumpkin spice, including dog treats! Teddy already loves Bocce’s Bakery treats, so I had no doubt he’d like these too. They’re soft and chewy, wheat-free and oven-baked with 100% real food, including pumpkin, peanut butter and cinnamon (to name just a few). We’ve already gone through a whole bag just this month, so I’ll definitely be adding more to my next Amazon order. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$160 at Merrell

Merrell Women's Moab Speed GORE-TEX X Sweaty Betty

I adore my old pair of Merrell hiking boots and Sweaty Betty sports bras, so when the two brands came together for a shoe collab, I knew I had to get in on it. I took the Women’s Moab Speed GORE-TEX x Sweaty Betty on a trip to Acadia National Park and put them through the paces on a few hikes of varying difficulty levels. They were super comfortable and provided amazing traction, even when it came to scrambles. Plus, the lime green colorway stood out in a good way on the trails. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

$125 at Brooklinen

Brooklinen Checkerboard Robe

After hearing some of my co-workers rave about Brooklinen’s new checkerboard line, I’ve never been more sure about needing a product in my life. I finally got my hands on a yellow and white checkered robe, and it’s 100% worth all of the hype. Not only is it absolutely adorable, but it’s made of terry cloth, so it soaks up all of the excess water post-shower and is also so comfy that I end up wearing it even hours later. Next on my wish list: matching checkerboard hand towels. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$59 at Oma the Label

Oma the Label The Gidi Collection 5mm Necklace

I’m a gold necklace fanatic, so I’m always looking for the next best one to add to my collection. And this month I stumbled upon Oma the Label. This Black-owned brand has some of the chicest yet affordable jewelry around, and its Gidi Collection necklace has become an everyday staple for me. Great as a layering piece as well as just on its own, I’ve reached for this one whenever I feel like my outfit needs a little extra something. I also ordered its Obi Hoops for a wedding recently and they’re so incredibly dreamy. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

From $5 per month at Thrive Market

Thrive Market Membership

I’ve heard incredible things about Thrive Market from friends, and at the beginning of August I finally got to try out the membership program for myself. There were so many categories and healthy options to choose from, and the prices were almost half of what I normally pay at Whole Foods and other expensive markets near me. I ended up getting a mix of things I love and generally needed, including paper towels, Wild One dog treats, Raos pasta sauce, Thrive Market extra-virgin olive oil and Poppi sodas. Best of all, everything was delivered straight to my door. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

From $126 at Homebird

Homebird Cool & Crisp Percale Fitted Sheet Set

I’ve been making my way through some of the most popular cooling sheets on the market this summer, and these have been my most recent favorite. As the name suggests, they are cool to the touch and some of the crispest yet softest sheets I’ve tried, which I actually love. The burnt orange color is a lovely pop of color in my room, and I know that even on the hottest of nights in Brooklyn I’ll be slipping into perfectly cool sheets. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

$44.95 at REI

REI Co-Op Take Your Time Bra Top

I grabbed this top during REI’s summer sale and love it so much that I’m going to stock up in different colors. It’s super comfortable and gives just the right amount of support without having an added shelf bra within. It’s made out of a stretchy, soft nylon that’s great for sweat-wicking when working out but doesn’t necessarily look like workout clothes — I love wearing it in my daily wardrobe too. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

$39 at Pause Well-Aging and Amazon

Pause Well-Aging Cooling Mist

I’m an incredibly sweaty person. As someone who doesn’t love that feeling, this summer has been hellacious for me. One product that has absolutely saved me this summer is this cooling mist. I haven’t tried anything like it. All you do is spritz it a few times on the back of your neck, and within milliseconds a cooling sensation begins. It smells minty and calming, and it keeps you cool for at least 20 minutes in my experience. I’ve spritzed myself on subway platforms, just walking down the sidewalk, during outdoor weddings and literally just sitting in my apartment. I would buy gallons of this (and I probably eventually will). If you tend to run hot or are someone going through menopause (which is who this mist was originally meant to help), you’re gonna wanna buy this ASAP. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

$59.95 $49.95 at Amazon

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

I’m now sadly a person who experiences lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day, but this seat cushion has really helped. It’s adept at reducing pressure on your tailbone, and while I leave mine in my office chair, you can apparently also use it in the car too. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

$58 at Amazon and Revolve

Mara Beauty Chia + Moringa Algae Enzyme Cleansing Oil

I have seen Mara Beauty *all* over social media recently, so this past month, I took it as a sign to finally try some popular products from the woman-owned skin care line. I’ve been in love with this cleanser ever since I first used it. It’s made from powerhouse ingredients like spirulina, kelp, moringa and a fruit blend, and doubles as a makeup remover and cleanser. The texture feels so good on my skin but looks even better once it’s all washed off. It leaves my face looking supple, hydrated and glowy. It’s like magic in a chic bottle — at a great price! — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$140 at Adidas

Adidas Terrex Tech Fleece Hooded Hiking Jacket

This light jacket has been perfect for early morning walks and chilly evenings. It’s super light, so it’s the perfect layer to help regulate your body temperature whether you’re out on a hike or just sitting too close to the AC. I also love its hood and how far the neck goes up so you can really bundle up when things get cold. If $140 is too much for you to spend on a fleece (understandably), a similar style is available for $90 in black. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

$75 at Laelap

Laelap Starla Personalized Necklace

If you’re like me and love to spoil your dog for literally no reason at all, you need this. I’ve used this gorgeous handmade yellow necklace to replace my pup’s dated collar, and it’s made from locally sourced and sustainable materials like freshwater pearls and Austrian crystals. You can personalize it to say your dog’s name (see: Teddy), and it actually is sturdy enough for everyday wear. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$188 at Lunya

Lunya Washable Silk Set

Many of my co-workers can’t stop raving about Lunya’s silk PJs, and I ended up finding the tank at a thrift store and immediately had to buy it. I’m a very hot sleeper and usually end up on top of my duvet, but this tank helped keep me cool and is so buttery soft. I’ll definitely be saving up for a pair of bottoms. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

$150 at Amerisleep

Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow

As a side sleeper who notoriously tosses and turns all night long, I’ve never found a pillow I actually liked — until now. This dual pillow from Amerisleep has two sides — soft and firm — and two heights — 5 inches and 6 inches — so depending on your needs, you can really customize it, unlike many other pillows I’ve had before. After using it consistently for the past month, I know it’s really worked because it offers so much support and comfort that I don’t wake up with neck pain anymore. This is your sign to invest in your sleep! It’s worth every penny. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$52 at Sephora and Biossance

Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Balancing Gel Moisturizer

With summer still at its hottest in New York, I’ve been looking for a calming moisturizer for my acne-prone skin with a gel-like consistency that makes me feel cooler for even just one single second. And now I’ve finally found it. Biossance moisturizers have always done me well, but this month I tried the squalane and probiotic one (two ingredients estheticians have been begging me to use for forever), and I’ve fallen in love. It immediately sinks into the skin, it doesn’t have an offensive smell and I saw a visible difference in my skin in about 48 hours. I love the tub packaging so I know I can always use it to the last drop too. For anyone struggling with acne right now, I can’t recommend this enough. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

$75 at Oui the People

Oui the People Single Rose Gold Safety Razor

I finally gave our pick for best luxury women’s razor a try — what was I waiting for? The Single Rose Gold Safety Razor is truly unlike any other razor I’ve used, and with a little extra patience, it delivered a super-close shave without irritating my sensitive skin. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

$220 at Smithey and Food52

Smithey No. 11 Deep Skillet

I love cooking with cast iron, and this deep skillet from Smithey comes already seasoned with a beautifully polished interior and enough space to easily fry bone-in chicken or create a casserole to put in the oven. Plus, even basic pan frying was easier and cleaner, since the higher sides minimized those annoying splashes. And for anyone who hasn’t already committed to a Smithey pan, it’s made to last. — Tobey Grumet, contributing editor

$30 at Merit, $38 at Merit, $26 at Merit & $30 at Merit

Merit Bronze Balm, The Minimalist, Clean Lash & Day Glow

In my opinion, Merit Beauty is synonymous with looking effortlessly chic, and I was so excited to try out the products everyone has been raving about. Along with the relaunch of the cult-favorite Minimalist complexion stick, Merit released the Bronze Balm sheer bronzer, and I finally got my hands on them. Along with the brand’s Clean Lash mascara and Day Glow highlighting balm, I’ve created my perfect no-makeup makeup look. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

$65.99 $49.99 at Amazon or $79.99 $59.99 at EarFun

EarFun Air

Just like our readers, I’m always looking out for new recommendations from the Underscored editors, and when the EarFun earbuds were on sale during our Deals Fest, I wasted no time buying a pair. I originally bought them to travel with since they’re affordable and I wouldn’t be too bummed to accidentally lose them, but now I’m protecting them with my life. I was absolutely blown away by the sound quality, and I now reach for them instead of my usual earbuds. They paired easily with my Google Pixel, and the battery lasts so long. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

From $29 at Nordstrom

Tory Burch Essence of Dreams Divine Moon Eau de Parfum

The Divine Moon perfume from Tory Burch’s new Essence of Dreams fragrance collection is a warm floral with notes of bergamot, Lady of the Night flower, honey and sandalwood. I’ve been loving it as a nighttime fragrance because it’s a little seductive and sweet — it slightly reminds me of L’Eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake. Because of its warm and spicy notes, I think it’ll make a great transition fragrance for fall. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

$96 at Amazon

Mara Beauty Chlorella + Reishi Sea Vitamin C Oil

This product came HIGHLY recommended by my longtime skin care guru and HeyDay esthetician, Daniella, so of course I had to try it for myself. And since it’s listed as one of my favorites of August you can probably just stop reading and go buy a bottle. But if you want to keep reading, here’s why I fell in love with it: It infuses 15% THD ascorbate (the most stable form of vitamin C) in a hydrating cocktail of 14 Vitamin C-rich fruit extracts, herbs and marine botanicals that have instantly brightened my overall complexion and noticeably reduced leftover acne and sun damage spots. It also leaves me ultra hydrated and seriously *so* glowy I don’t even need any highlighter. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$60 at Fable

Fable The Cereal Bowls

When I first laid my eyes on these cereal bowls, I had to add them to my Midnight Blue collection. I mean, I’ve already convinced myself I need it all. They pair perfectly with my mugs, and even better, each bowl is handmade and organically shaped, so no bowl is exactly alike. They are not just the perfect size for cereal, but also ice cream, pasta and soups. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$18 at Apto Skincare

Apto Orange Blossom Cleanser

I’ve been trying to make my morning skin care more exciting — something I actually look forward to doing every a.m. This cleanser has been so fun to use. It smells like oranges in a non-overwhelming way and really does help wake me up in the morning. It’s also apparently helped ward off any more chin breakouts, and for that that I am eternally thankful. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

$34 at Baggu

Baggu Duck Bag

The last thing I need is another canvas tote, but I absolutely fell in love with the Baggu Duck Bag in Spanish Olive. I like that you can carry it over your shoulder or by the handle. It’s the perfect size to fit all your essentials but isn’t bulky and is incredibly sturdy. Unlike most canvas bags, this also has an interior zip pocket and button closure. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

$135 at Smash + Tess

Smash + Tess Elevate Everyday Romper

This is hands down the comfiest piece of clothing I’ve ever put on my body. The material, which literally feels like butter, is both soft and breathable, so I’ve been able to wear it this summer during work-from-home days or when I’ve traveled home via car and train. It’s also incredibly flattering, thanks to the waist tie, which really cinches in my waist and makes me look put together with very little effort. If they come out with other colors, I’ll be stocking up. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

$35 at Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pro Palette in Tangerine

This compact palette fits in eight eye shadow shades and a full-size highlighter, which makes it a great option to have on hand when traveling. It includes a mix of matte and shimmery finishes, and the Tangerine colorway has nudes, pinks and oranges that are really versatile. The highlighter is a bit glittery for me, but it doubles as a nice eye shadow. All the shades play well with other shadows I already had in my makeup bag, so if you’re into warm-toned eye looks, this is a great option. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

$80 at Sephora

Fresh Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum

I’ve been using the Fresh Tea Elixir serum every day for a month, and it will continue to be part of my daily routine. It absorbs quickly, has a lovely subtle scent and makes my skin feel super soft and look hydrated and plump. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

$49 at North Drinkware

North Drinkware The Longs Peak Pint

I just moved to Colorado, so naturally I had to try out North Drinkware’s new Longs Peak line. This hand-blown glass pint features a 3D mold of the Colorado mountain based on USGS data. Plus, North Drinkware is part of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of the sales of each glass to local nonprofits in the regions its glasses are inspired by. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

$330 at Medicube

Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot

This device is a good option for those who are wary of trying microneedling, as it creates non-damaging passageways using electric discharges to boost collagen and help with concerns like acne scars and wrinkles. With five levels, and only five-minute treatment times, the ATS Air Shot has been easy to incorporate into my skin care routine. It feels similar to the microcurrent treatments you can get during a professional facial — you might feel a little prickling feeling — but it’s safe to use at home. According to the brand, the treatment will help reduce pore size and increase the absorption of your skin care products. And while I can’t gauge whether that has been true for me, I did notice a visible effect. I first tried the device a day after getting a basic facial, and my freshly cleaned pores stayed decongested for several days longer than usual — and that was only using it on level one. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

$194 at Roucha

Roucha Pala Denim

I loved skinny jeans as much as the next millennial back in the day, but these ultra-comfortable and flattering pants from Roucha have left me wondering why I ever even considered squeezing into tight-fitting denim. The brand’s sizing is unique, and in addition to a classic button fly, its pants boast a tucked-away drawstring inside so you can control how loose or tight you want the waist to feel. The material is shockingly light and doesn’t really feel like denim, thus I’ve been wearing them nonstop this summer and am already looking into other colors and styles to add to my wardrobe. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

$19 at Experiment

Experiment Avant Guard Mask

I love sheet masks so much that my family is always buying them for me for holidays and birthdays. As much as I adore them, being single-use products that end up in the landfill always made me feel a little bad when it comes time for some #selfcare. Luckily, I don’t have to say goodbye to my favorite skin care item after discovering Experiment’s reusable Avant Guard sheet mask. You can use it with your favorite skin products, and it’s fun to wear and easy to clean. Bonus: You now also have a Halloween costume. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor


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