16 Interesting Discord Servers to Join (And Where You Can Find More)

While it was once a chat app that lived and breathed as a place for gamers to communicate, Discord has evolved into “Your Place to Talk and Hang Out.” It is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, and you can jump in and out of conversations as often as you would like. In fact, the biggest challenge with Discord may be where to find the best servers for your situation. Fortunately, we can help with that.

1. Your Favorite Podcast/Streamer/YouTuber/Subreddit

Starting off with a bit of a broad one, but obviously there are many different kinds of people with many different interests out there, so to cover that we figured we’d start by guiding you to the kinds of topics that interest you.

Interesting Discord Servers Lofi Girl

A good place to start on this front is by gathering a list of your favorite podcasts, Twitch streams, Youtube channels, you-name-it, then type in its name into Google followed by ‘discord’. This is a great way to quickly see if there’s an official or fan-made Discord channel relating to topics that you’re most interested in – whether it’s philosophy, finance, or grisly true crime! For instance, we wanted to find the Lofi Girl’s (a popular music YouTube channel which was recently removed from the platform) dedicated server on Discord. A quick search online revealed the invite link needed to access it.

So start searching for those communities relating to things you already listen to, read, or watch. You’re sure to find something out there!

2. r/CryptoCurrency

Whether you believe it’s the future of the internet or just a convoluted form of gambling, cryptocurrency is quite a big phenomenon and it’s here to stay. While you can read all you like about crypto and watch tons of YouTube videos, there’s nothing quite like interacting directly with people who are knee-deep in the trade.

Interesting Discord Servers Crypto

r/CryptoCurrency is the official Discord server of the super-popular subreddit of the same name. You’ll be able to directly monitor various crypto prices using the bots, as well as chat with fellow traders and even plot your next moves together.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes in those virtual waters or are already wading in them, this is a great place to bond with others in your position.

3. Movies & Filmmaking

Movies & Filmmaking is the self-proclaimed largest Discord server for discussing all things movies, television, and filmmaking, with currently more than 38,000 members to chat with. If you want to discuss horror titles, there is a vibrant channel waiting for you.

Interesting Discord Servers Movies

This holds true for fantasy and sci-fi, comedy, and action/adventure as well. Filmmakers – both current and future – have their own channel options, including a really great group that will provide feedback for scripts. There are even dedicated channels covering specific movies and TV Shows including Stranger Things, The Northman, and The Black Phone.

4. Minecraft and/or Any Other Games

Unsurprisingly, gaming is home to some of the largest and most active Discord servers. Minecraft is no exception, but this could just as easily be replaced with Fortnite, Roblox, Genshin Impact, Stardew Valley or many others. Inside the server, the channel list is pretty much what you might expect, with five separate channels just to show off your creations and builds.

Interesting Discord Servers Minecraft

A Q&A archive can help new and advanced Minecraft players with questions. The general discussion channel varies in day-to-day topics, so you can take a break from game discussion every once in a while.

Note: When trying to join the Minecraft server, you might find that the server is full and you’ll be asked to try later. In the meantime, you can search for other servers related to your favorite games, such as the ones listed above. For instance, if you’re a fan of Stardew Valley, check out some of the coolest farm designs via the dedicated channel.

Interesting Discord Servers Stardew Valley

With the NFL season so popular in the United States, finding a Discord server for Fantasy Football Chat takes no time at all. Once in, you’ll find the server features channels that range from a tournament, helping to find a league in your area, general chat and more. As the most popular of all fantasy sports, there is something here for every fantasy fan.

Interesting Discord Servers Fantasy Football

That’s true no matter how poorly your team or your players performed the following week. In fact, this is a great place to rant as much as it is to learn. You can always head over to the official NFL Discord as well for more talk about how Tom Brady continues to defy the odds.

6. Invincible

This Amazon Prime show was a bona fide hit of 2021. So much so, that it was renewed for two additional seasons. Created by Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman, this show is absolutely adult oriented and it sure is a lot of (gory) fun.

Interesting Discord Servers Invincible

Something of a comic-book version of “The Boys,” the Invincible Discord is continuously active even with the show off the air now. As the comic series has ended, spoilers can be plentiful, but if you can ignore those, you will find a passionate group of like-minded fans when you visit this Discord server.

7. ChillZone

When you just want a place to chat that isn’t central to any specific subject like sports, movies, or games, come to the ChillZone. This popular Discord server is full of channels that are of interest including photography, music, and pets. You can also post selfies, stream video, or participate in one of the three general channels that changes topics and direction on the hour.

Interesting Discord Servers Just Chat

Every day someone new shares their screen and opens a window into their world, allowing you to participate in the conversation or just listen in. It’s a great break from the outside world without any commitment on your end. An alternative for those who prefer chatting via voice or video is Dadscord (Daddy).

8. Anime Soul Discord

At 600,000 members strong, the Anime Soul Discord is the best place on Discord to talk about all things anime. The channel list is full of different social groups and channels dedicated to various topics including manga, anime pics, but also food, sports, and gaming. There’s basically something for everyone here.

Interesting Discord Servers Anime

There are dozens of voice channels, so you can actually “talk” to other Discord users or stick to the written-conversation-heavy “All Anime” servers for more free-flowing discussions. It’s a passionate group to be sure, but if this is your area of interest, you will feel right at home.

9. Game Dev League

Game development is tiring work, and you sometimes need some inspiration or just somewhere to rant. Welcome to the Game Dev League Discord server. The Discord offshoot of the r/gamedev subreddit is more real time than Reddit.

Interesting Discord Servers Game Dev

Different game engines like Unity, Unreal, Java, and Vulkan all have their own channels. If you need a break from your game development, jump to the #show-off-your-stuff channel and gain some inspiration from the work others are doing.

10. Boiler Room Trading

To be fair, there are dozens upon dozens of large trading Discord servers. All of them promise to be the absolute best source of information. Boiler Room Trading is one of the largest, with over 60,000 members. The largest channel is focused, unsurprisingly, on day trading.

Interesting Discord Servers Day Trading

There is an introductory channel to help you navigate the server properly and advise you of premium user options. If day trading isn’t your thing, there are also channels for options, crypto, and long-term investments.

11. Apple

Fans of Apple products have always loved an opportunity to connect with other Apple fans, and Discord has opened yet another door for that conversation. r/Apple is another Reddit-based Discord and is currently the largest Apple-specific Discord around, boasting more than 70,000 members.

Interesting Discord Servers Apple

As one may expect, there are channels for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, tvOS, WatchOS, and more. Do you love taking photos with your iPhone? There is a channel just for you, as well as one just for purchase advice, if you are on the fence about which iPad or MacBook to purchase. You can also stay up to date on the latest products from Apple by visiting the #announcements channel.

12. Xbox/PlayStation

It should come as little surprise that there is an official Xbox Discord with more than 80,000 members. A friendly place to connect with other Xbox fans, it’s a great place to discuss the past, present, and future of the Xbox world. Are you interested in following gaming deals or talking about Naughty Dog and Bethesda? What about support issues?

Interesting Discord Servers Xbox

The Xbox Discord is a fantastic place to find help for any hardware and software issues, as it is a place to discuss the latest game news. Don’t worry Sony fans — there is a PlayStation Discord for you as well. It is full of PS4 and PS5 topics, including Elden Ring and Grand Turismo 7.

Interesting Discord Servers Playstation

13. Marvel Studios

The studio is on a TV and film streak that continues to hit new highs time and time again. Marvel Studios is the largest and most active Marvel-based Discord catering to the community of superhero fans.

Interesting Discord Servers Marvel World

There is a ton to do once you are inside this server, including going directly to the #leaks-and-rumors channel or forever staying away. Fans can also check out the #future-films section for sneak peeks into what’s coming next from their favorite franchise. The server also includes a section dedicated to fan art. You might find your next wallpaper in there.

Cars have long been a hot topic of conversation, discussion, and argument. Whether you want to discuss muscle cars, motorsports, or future models, The Car Community is the Discord server for you. There are even unique channels, like #guess-the-car and #car-spotting, where you can point out rare vehicles that are not often seen on the road. There’s even a channel dedicated to rating and discussing cars.

Interesting Discord Servers Cars

It’s a fantastic community full of passionate users, sometimes too passionate. The community does not cover cars exclusively, but also includes discussions spaces for games, memes, art and photography, as well as selfies and pets.

15. Memeology

In this day and age, a normal day isn’t complete without a healthy infusion of memes. You can get your fix through the Memeology server, which is home to various channels all focused on bringing you the best entertainment.

Interesting Discord Servers Memology

While the server is mostly dedicated to memes, it also has a neat art corner that hosts contests and allows people to share their works with the other members.

16. Study Together

Study Together is a unique entry in the Discord space. It enables users to connect and chat about academic topics. Having problems with a homework assignment? Join this server and try to find the help you need from the large user base. Study Together covers most subjects including Math, Chemistry, Art/Design, Literature, Engineering, and History. For each, there are dedicated channels where you can seek assistance.

Interesting Discord Servers Study Together

The server provides spaces for studying together, venting your frustrations or showing off your study desk setups, and more. On your time off, you can go ahead and check the channels dedicated to studying tips, studying music, or inspirational quotes.

Finding More Discord Servers

There are a few sites dedicated to helping with Discord server discovery. Sites like discords.com, discordservers.com, and disboard.org are all helpful with server discovery. Each site allows you to search by topic, for instance “finance” or “Star Wars,” and then reveals the most relevant Discord server. Each site offers a slightly different synopsis of each server, but you will know which is right for you.

However, if you want the absolute best way to locate new Discord servers, start in-house. Discord’s own “Explore Public Servers” located at the very bottom of your server list will not only surface by topic, but will also note whether a server is official, thanks to a green checkmark. Type in “movies,” “Star Wars,” “Dune,” etc. and you will find a list of available options. Just type anything into the “Explore Communities” search bar and you will get instant results.

Interesting Discord Servers Search Discord

Alternatively, you can find Discord servers on social media as both companies and individuals share their Discord servers frequently. Discord server addresses may already be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Discord channel and server?

A server is a space on Discord that is sort of an umbrella group for channels that branch out. Therefore, a channel is a text/voice conversation board that is dedicated to a specific topic within each server. Think of it like a tree where a server is the trunk and the channels are the branches.

How do I join a voice Discord channel?

If you wish to join a voice channel on Discord, you’ll first have to identify one. Check a server’s channel list on the left side of the app and look out for those that have a Sound icon next to them. When you’ve finally found one, click on the channel name. A pop-up at the bottom will show when you’re “Voice connected”. You can go ahead and start speaking. When it’s time to go, click on the Phone icon to disconnect.

How do I set up a Discord server?

Yes! If you want to set up your own Discord server, it’s really easy. Head to Discord and click on the “+” button at the bottom on the left underneath all your servers. Then choose if you want to “Create My Own” server or select from one of the already available categories, like Gaming, School Club, Artists & Creators, etc. Follow the instructions for either path, and you should have your own Discord server within a minute or two.

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