10 Free Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives


Microsoft SharePoint may be a powerhouse when it comes to project management and collaboration, but the best SharePoint alternatives prove Microsoft is far from the only option. From individuals to large businesses, productivity, collaboration, and project management apps are a must. SharePoint gives you all of this in one convenient platform, but it gets expensive quickly. Free SharePoint alternatives are ideal for saving money without sacrificing features.

1. ClickUp

ClickUp seeks to be a one-app solution to all of your collaborative needs and works well as a free SharePoint alternative. It’s designed to handle everything from project management to team meetings all in one place.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives Clickup

ClickUp’s intuitive interface makes it easy for teams of any size to start using it. Apps, automations, and integrations give you the power to customize the platform for any type of project, team, or need. Easily create spaces for product design, marketing campaigns, finance, IT support, and much more.

Main Features:

  • Detailed project and task management
  • Real-time chat
  • Goal and project tracking
  • Design custom views to compare with Trello, Jira, and Monday
  • Collaborative docs and whiteboard
  • Over 100 integrations and more than 35 ClickApps
  • Hundreds of automation templates


  • Free plan includes unlimited tasks and 100 MB storage
  • Four premium plans starting at $5/user/month

2. Atlassian Confluence

Probably the most famous rival to Microsoft SharePoint is Confluence – a corporate portal app that knows how to keep things simple in the interest of letting many people collaborate on work, share calendars, and much more.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives Confluence

There’s a lightness to using Confluence that you don’t always get with similar software. It’s slick and streamlined when it comes to handling queries and comments and the sharing of team decisions and collaborative ideas. Even though it’s easy to use, it’s also customizable when it comes to creating and organizing data fields that can then be sifted through for information.

Main Features:

  • Pages – documents for discussing and editing work
  • Spaces – for specific teams and projects
  • Templates
  • Jira integration for bug and query tracking
  • Individual feeds for users
  • Notifications
  • Advanced permissions for security


  • Free for up to 10 users and up to 2 GB file storage
  • Three premium plans with pricing based on the number of users

3. Bitrix24

Perhaps the most complete package in this list, Bitrix24 provides an invaluable office platform featuring calendars, social networking features, videoconferencing and more. It goes beyond that, too, into workflow and project management, creating a digital work platform stretching from communication to the nitty-gritty of working on projects.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives Bitrix24

The free version of Bitrix24 provides a generous package that lets you use most features, even if some features are limited. It’s not just for intra-office matters, either, as it features an intuitive system to follow up on business leads.

Main Features:

  • Collaboration with chat and video calls, calendar, online docs, workgroups, mail, and more
  • CRM
  • Task and project management
  • Create sites and stores
  • HR management tools – employee directory, announcements, vacation requests, etc.


  • Free for unlimited users and 5 GB storage
  • Basic plan starts at $39/month for all users and 24 GB storage
  • Standard plan starts at $79/month for all users and 100 GB storage
  • Professional plan starts at $159/month for all users and 1 TB of storage (only plan that includes all features)

4. Slack

A foundation to a collaborative working environment is a communication platform, and in recent years, Slack has risen to become one of the best out there.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives Slack

The free version of Slack keeps a log of the last 10,000 messages in your team, allows you to create unlimited private and public channels, and share files with your colleagues. (It also has pretty nifty GIF integration.) Admins can track everyone’s login times and IP addresses, so you can make sure that people aren’t “Slacking off.”

It may not function as anything more than a work chat tool, but it fulfills its sole purpose brilliantly.

Main Features:

  • Chat and messaging
  • Video sharing
  • Share files
  • Collaborate with clients
  • Over 2,200 integrations, such as Office 365, Google Drive, and more


  • Free for up to 10,000 messages (older messages are archived), 10 integrations, and 5 GB storage
  • Three premium plans starting at $6.67/user/month for unlimited messages and integrations

5. Process Street

Process Street is a great SharePoint alternative for individuals and small teams with a limited free version. It focuses on collaborative workflows to streamline tasks and projects.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives Process

While it doesn’t offer the full features of SharePoint, it’s ideal for task management, employee onboarding, managing finances, and a central resource hub. You even get over 1,000 integrations via Zapier to better customize the platform for your team.

Main Features:

  • Create forms to quickly gather data
  • Create unlimited pages/docs
  • Set up custom workflows starting with templates
  • Design procedures and checklists


  • Free for one full member and unlimited free members (free members can’t run workflows), unlimited storage, and 100 integrations/month
  • Pro starts at $25/user/month for most all features, while Enterprise plans are priced based on your needs

6. ONLYOFFICE Workspace

While ONLYOFFICE is better known as a free desktop productivity suite, ONLYOFFICE Workspace is more like Microsoft SharePoint. The free version is only for individuals and small teams but gives you many of the same SharePoint features without the high price tag. The main con is that there aren’t any communication features.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives Onlyoffice

Easily manage documents, emails, projects, tasks, and calendars all in one place. You can even integrate other apps to extend the functionality. Depending on your needs, you can stick with the cloud-based version, host it locally on your own servers, or install via the AWS Marketplace. There’s also a free desktop version for personal/small home business use.

Main Features:

  • Manage documents and media files
  • Create business email accounts or connect existing email accounts
  • Easy-to-use CRM
  • Project management tracking
  • Calendar that can integrate with other calendar services
  • Dozens of app integrations


  • Free for individuals and up to five users along with 2 GB storage
  • Business plan starts at $5/user/month for all features

7. Jostle

Jostle is an “employee success platform.” It’s designed to improve communications, bring important resources together for easier access, and enable teams to connect whether they’re in the same office or scattered around the world.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives Jostle

Collaboration and communication are the focus for Jostle, and it shows in features like JostleTV, where announcements are broadcast on screens throughout the office. Employees can also easily search for information and people from one central location.

Main Features:

  • News and activity portals for announcements
  • Employee directory and real-time chat
  • Set up a custom library of important and useful resources
  • Design team structures
  • Manage projects, tasks, and events


  • Free for up to 15 users (link to join is at the bottom of the pricing page)
  • Four premium plans with pricing that varies greatly based on the number of users (30-day free trial on all plans)

8. Monday

For individuals looking for a free Microsoft SharePoint alternative, Monday could be the perfect solution. From software development and marketing to HR and task management, Monday has a workflow for pretty much anything you can imagine.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives Monday

Outside of premium plans, there aren’t any communication features outside of document editing. Even then, you’ll need to use app integrations like Zoom to communicate. However, you can store and share files, track task progress, and automate tasks.

Main Features:

  • Detailed dashboard
  • Project management with Kanban
  • Track progress with Gantt charts
  • Design automations
  • Integrate with other apps


  • Free for two users along with three boards, unlimited docs, and over 200 templates
  • Four premium plans starting at $8/user/month

9. Google

While Google Workspace is a premium version of Google’s numerous productivity tools, you can use most of the tools for free with any Google account. In fact, you can access most tools directly from your Gmail account. This includes chat, video calls, docs, sheets, tasks, and even spaces.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives Google

By creating shared spaces, you’re able to invite other users to collaborate on projects, share a calendar, and chat in real time. While some features are limited, this is a great SharePoint alternative for small teams that don’t want or need the premium version of Google Workspace.

Main Features:

  • Chat and video calls
  • Share and store files and documents
  • Collaborate on files
  • Share calendar events
  • Share directly from Gmail


  • Free for individuals and small teams using individual accounts
  • Four premium plans starting at $6/user/month

10. WordPress

An often overlooked options among free Microsoft SharePoint alternatives is WordPress, whether the free WordPress.com version, which is hosted by WordPress, or the self-hosted WordPress.org version. While typically used to create websites, it can mimic SharePoint’s document collaboration and sharing features, along with serving as a private website for teams.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives WordPress

Easily create an interconnected library of resources for employees and teams. Or, share announcements through blog posts. Collaborate on documents by creating a shared post for users to edit in real time. You can even access plugins to add more functionality. There aren’t any communication features, though.

Main Features:

  • Create unlimited pages and posts
  • Upload and share docs and media files
  • Create a library of resources
  • Collaborate through editing and comment features
  • Use plugins to add extra features


  • Free for basic WordPress.com hosting (no plugins) and WordPress.org self-hosted. (You’ll need your own server or a hosting plan to use it.)
  • WordPress.com plans range from $5 to $15/month, WordPress.org pricing varies based on the host you choose and any premium plugins you install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need SharePoint if I just want to manage projects?

SharePoint and its alternatives may feel like overkill when it comes to project management. While that is a feature in most SharePoint alternatives, you may not need all of the other features. Instead, try a project management tool that focuses mainly on tasks and goals versus document sharing and communication. A free option many people may not think of is GitHub, which can be used by anyone, not just programmers.

How can I add communication features to SharePoint alternatives?

A common problem with many free Microsoft SharePoint alternatives is that they don’t include communication features, but you can use Zoom or a free Zoom alternative to add video and voice calls along with chat features to any tool you choose to use.

Can I piece together my own SharePoint alternative with various tools?

Technically, yes. However, the purpose of SharePoint and its alternatives is to combine multiple tools into one platform for easier access. You’d need at least three tools for a viable alternative: project management, communication, and library/resource. You could mesh Slack and WordPress to create a library and have communication features. Add in a project management tool of your choosing and you have an effective alternative that works well for teams of all sizes.

Image: Unsplash Screeenshots by Crystal Crowder

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