WWE SummerSlam Has A Long Way To Go Before Selling Out


WWE always has a way of setting up their special events. Money In The Bank took a lot of development and teasing before the event happened. However, it has been reported that the premium event wasn’t exactly a 100% sell out. It seems like WWE SummerSlam might share the same fate.

WrestleTix released a Patreon update for the upcoming SummerSlam show, scheduled to happen in the Nissan Stadium, Nashville, Tennessee on July 30th. The update apparently shows that the upcoming event has only sold out, about 4/5 of their available tickets.

The current capacity for the show remains to be exactly 35,877 people. The number of tickets that have been distributed so far is still a whopping 28,243, adding 1,305 to that number in the last week.

The number of tickets available for the show still remains at 7,634. They have less than a month left to meet the sellout target.

Available Tickets => 7,634

Current Setup/Capacity => 35,877

Tickets Distributed => 28,243 (+1,305)

They are currently running a sale that will last until July 4th. The sale has resulted in the ticket sales getting a good boost in the last few days. For the 30% off discount, all you have to do is use the code LASTMAN.

WWE has announced some matches for the event, such as a Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Internet celebrity and boxer Logan Paul has also confirmed his signing with WWE, and will be settling his score with The Miz. As the match card is quite slim, the ticket sales might pick up after more information is released regarding the card.

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