Windmill sale: Exclusive savings on the 6k BTU unit


Those of us without central air know that a quality window unit is a worthy investment, but lots of options on the market are bulky and inefficient — not to mention a total eyesore in your apartment. At Underscored, we’ve been fans of Windmill for a while. Now through May 17, you can get $50 off with code CNN50 on the innovative brand’s latest release, the smaller 6k BTU unit.

Windmill offers minimalist, elegant air conditioners that keep you cool without disrupting your decor. But the Windmill isn’t just pretty — it also boasts a ton of features like whisper-quiet performance, antimicrobial air purifying filters and smart enhancements like remote control via smartphone app.

While the standard 8.3k BTU unit is suitable for a variety of areas (Windmill suggests rooms up to 350 square feet), the new 6k BTU launch is ideal for those in smaller spaces. Apartment dwellers will especially appreciate the smaller size: it’s cheaper, lighter and even less visually intrusive than its standard-size sibling.

Get $50 off the Windmill 6k BTU unit with code CNN50.

Windmill prioritizes convenience at every step of the process: The unit comes assembled to streamline installation, plus you can also outsource to TaskRabbit via Windmill’s site. Weatherproof foam insulates the accordion side panels to keep the cool air inside and noise and bugs outside. Light sleepers will appreciate the unit’s quiet airflow, which is directed upward to maximize cold air distribution.

Windmill sent me their 6k BTU unit to try out in my pint-sized New York City bedroom, and it’s been a godsend on the warmer days we’ve had so far this season. Admittedly, the charm of my pre-war apartment begins to fade when my west-facing windows turn my room into a greenhouse; I promised myself that last summer would be my last without air conditioning in my room. The Windmill quickly circulates cool air throughout the space without the buzzing and rattling noises that accompany so many other units. Plus, the remote control means I can adjust the mode or temperature without getting up from bed. These features are great on their own — the gorgeous design of the unit is a much-appreciated bonus.

Don’t miss your chance for Windmill’s latest drop — their beloved units have a habit of selling out quickly. Plus, this Underscored-exclusive Windmill discount means you can score extra savings for a limited time only.


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