UAE national day 2021 celebrations: All about yesterday


There was a big show that happened in Hatta, United Arab Emirates as a part of UAE national day 2021 celebrations. It was like you never imagined or seen this before. Now The UAE is getting ready for the next 50 years. The UAE Golden Jubilee show is currently open to people in general, beginning from December 4 – 12. Tickets are accessible on, here we are going to see some of the shows.

Sparkling fireworks

The UAE Golden Jubilee show finished up with a stunning light show utilizing drone innovation. Drones lifted the firecracker’s higher noticeable all around – lessening the utilization of pyro materials and making a really amazing fantasy and sparkling experience.

How about the UAE in future?

The main young lady is Nora Al Matrooshi, who pens a letter to her future self discussing space, stars, and planets. Second is Maitha Bu Ghunoom, who keeps in touch with her future self, getting some information about the fate of our planet and how to ensure our creatures and marine species. The last one is Tufool Al Nuaimi, who is getting some information about the chance of including each grain of sand in the UAE. Her thought is about Big Data and development in computerized innovation.

UAE national day 2021: Imagine UAE in space

UAE’s journey into space investigation is additionally being featured – with the country sending its first space traveler in space – and conveying Hope Probe, the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission to Mars.

UAE in the current world

In the seventh portion, the old time-keeping apparatus, Deira, develops into a complex and creative contraption. Documented recordings are being projected on the drifting stage – from the digging of the Deira Creek, different growth in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, and other key minutes in every one of the seven emirates.

Uniting the world

As a part of The UAE national day 2021 is likewise displaying how the UAE is uniting the world, finishing in the facilitating of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Ishy Bilady

A genuine version of the UAE public hymn began the 6th piece of the programme. ‘Ishy Bilady’ was sung with energetic intensity to vow a solid obligation to the union of the UAE.

From desert to a green desert spring

As a part of the UAE national day 2021 event Sheik Zayed is displayed as saying: “Give me farming, and I will give you human progress”. How amazing it is that A dry desert turned into a green oasis with palm trees across UAE.

Father of the country

As the Father of the Nation is shown remained past that certain point in Al Smeih region, on a hazy morning in February 1968, the possibility of the Union struck a chord interestingly.

Spearheading Emirati ladies

As part of UAE national day 2021, the show was an accolade for UAE’s five spearheading ladies.

In addition to that Downtown Dubai is eased up with firecrackers while the Burj Khalifa shows the UAE flag. It is packed with individuals looking to see the enormous public day firecrackers and festivity. Retail outlets, shopping centers, and organizations are adorned with flags.


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