Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum Review

When you have pets, you also have to vacuum often to clean up all the hair and dander that accumulates. It’s a daunting task but necessary. The Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum helps make the task is as easy as setting a schedule on your phone or even telling Alexa or Google Assistant a room needs cleaning. With a focus specifically on pet owners, I was thrilled to give this vacuum a test drive in my own home.

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Overview of Features

The Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum offers some unique features over most robot vacuums. Not only does it clean your floors, but it provides ways to interact with your pet. After all, vacuums and pets don’t always get along so well, so a more pet-friendly option may just make your fur baby less afraid of the vacuum.

A detachable laser, called the Fun and Fresh Pointer, lets you entertain your pet with a red laser dot while the vacuum does the dirty work. The pointer also has a slot for an air freshener stick (3 are included) to freshen the air while vacuuming. There’s also an 1080P HDR camera for you to watch and talk to your pet, even when you’re away. Think of it as both a cleaning tool and pet camera in one handy device.

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Lense

Since pet toys often get tangled in robot vacuums, such as small mouse toys for kitties, Ollie will keep toys out of the roller brush. It will detect and avoid objects as small as one inch in height with the use of AI sensors and Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors. Of course, this also helps the vacuum avoid other obstacles and prevents it from scratching furniture legs or crashing into food bowls.

As far as cleaning ability, the Trifo Ollie vacuum features powerful 4,000Pa suction to thoroughly clean pet hair from rugs and carpets, along with bare floors. This is adjustable, with lower suction available for smaller messes. Also, the six-sided claw brush sweeps hair, dirt, and debris into the vacuum with ease.

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Filter Brush

The built-in HEPA filter includes activated charcoal to better eliminate allergens in the air. Two rollers are included: a brush and the Pet Hair Extractor (brushless). The second is designed to pick up hair and dust without getting anything tangled in the brush.

Advanced mapping is designed to work 3.3 times as fast as most robot vacuums. It maps out individual rooms and lets you easily create zones, including no-go zones. Everything can be controlled from within the Trifo app. You can also control the vacuum with your voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

A single charge can last up to 120 minutes thanks to the 5,200 mAh battery. A large 600 ml dustbin allows you to clean multiple rooms without having to empty the bin.

Security is front and center. No video is ever stored in the cloud. Instead, it’s stored locally in the robot’s 16 GB storage drive. Save any photo or video to your phone via the app.

In the Box

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Box

The Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum includes everything you need to start cleaning immediately. Actually, the one I received was 60% charged and could have been used, but I let it charge fully first.

The box includes:

  • The vacuum itself
  • Two rollers (the brush is installed upon arrival)
  • Charging base and power adapter
  • 3 scent sticks
  • Laser pointer with battery
  • Instruction manuals
  • HEPA filter (already installed)
  • Dust bin (already installed)

I do wish a physical remote was included, just in case of connection or Wi-FI issues.

Getting Set Up

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Charging

The first step for me was to let the vacuum charge fully. The charging base has a panel underneath to store excess cord, which keeps it out of your pet’s reach. I love that the cord is also long enough to easily plug in wherever you might need it.

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Panel

The next step was to download and set up the Trifo app. It only took a few minutes from start to finish to connect the vacuum to my network. As with most smart home gadgets, it’s designed to work on 2.4 GHz networks but connected well, even with my phone connected to the 5 GHz band.

Once connected, I could easily see the current charge level so that I could keep tabs on when the vacuum was charged and ready to be used.

Mapping Rooms

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Mapping

Once the Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum was charged, which only took around an hour to charge the 40% needed, I used the app to start an initial clean. I started with full suction, which is around the half the volume of a standard vacuum cleaner. In fact, only a few of my cats moved out of the room. The mapping process took three to five minutes, with the vacuum moving to different points in the room, spinning a few times, then moving to another point.

Once the mapping was complete, the cleaning began. The app makes it easy to name rooms on the map and choose where the vacuum can and can’t go.

The Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum in Action

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Action

The path the vacuum takes seems a little random at times. However, when I thought it had missed an area, it would come back around a few minutes later and vacuum that spot. During the first cleaning, it did avoid the entrance to my hallway. The entrance is actually part of the living room, but the vacuum drew an invisible line between the two and refused to go into the hallway.

At first, this seemed to be an issue with the vacuum. It wouldn’t go into other rooms without using the manual controls. However, Trifo advised that I download the recent software and firmware update, which did fix the problem. If you have the same issue, check for an update.

Outside of what I thought was going to be a major issue that was fixed with an update, the Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum automatically returns to charge when it reaches 50%. I’d love to see it vacuum just a little longer at one time.

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Hair

Now, on to the good. The suction is incredible on this vacuum. It picked up cat hair with ease. In fact, it worked as well as an upright vacuum for handling pet fur. To really test out the sensors, I threw some smaller cat toys around the room. No matter what I put in its path, it stopped gently and went around it. This also includes curious kitties. It also avoided the food and water bowls, which usually get bumped with robot vacuums.

The dustbin worked well, too. I could vacuum several rooms before it needed to be emptied.

Interacting With Pets

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Laser Pointer

I love that a laser pointer is included. The bright dot has kept my cats entertained for hours. The scent stick fits into a small slot near the battery. The light lemon scent is quite pleasant. The pointer has a 3M velcro strip to attach it securely to the vacuum. However, it’s also easy enough to remove to use whenever you want to.

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Scent Stick

Also, the laser randomly turns on. This happened often, even when the vacuum was stopped, or when it was detached and sitting on a counter. I just removed the battery when it wasn’t in use.

Finally, it was time to test out the camera. It’ll work when the vacuum is stopped or moving, but it’s kind of blurry when the vacuum’s in motion, so I recommend pausing the cleaning if you want to interact with your pet.

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Camera

I loved being able to not only see my fur babies, but also talk to them. This had them running over to see where I was. But, the video was clear and I could capture videos and photos to keep.

Final Thoughts

Trifo Ollie Pet Ai Smart Robot Vacuum Final 1

For pet owners, the Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum may be a dream come true. It has a few faults but nothing too difficult to work around. I wish it would continue vacuuming until it’s down to at least 30% versus 50%, just to clean more area at once.

Having a vacuum with a camera to monitor my pet is a highly welcomed feature. Plus, including a toy that freshens the air is a fun bonus.

You can grab the Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robo Vacuum yourself for just $299.99. Until July 31st, there’s also a $40 off and 10% coupon code (CV23AMWG), letting you get the vacuum for just $229.99.

All images by Crystal Crowder

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