The Cricket Show’s Episode of Cricket Talk-Leon Francis Host 07/24 by The Cricket Show

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  1. Commonwealth games with Cricket starts July 29
  2. USA Cricket announce Women’s Regional Series
  3. Philadelphia Summer Cricket Festival
  4. Ben Stokes retires from ODI cricket
  5. West Indian World Cup Winners retire
  6. John Campbell disciplinary hearing
  7. England Penalized Test Championship points
  8. Three centurions in Ranji Trophy final
  9. Toyota Minor League: matches,scores and results
  10. India and West Indies, ODI
  11. South Africa and England, ODI
  12. New Zealand and Ireland, ODI
  13. Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Test match
  14. Women’s Tri-Nation series, T20
  15. South Africa Women in England, ODI & T20
  16. SPECIAL GUEST: Ashok Patel @ 7:30pm


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