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Join us as we reflect and remember that this is the designated month when we remember the history, contributions, and achievements of Blacks in America.


Let us focus today, our thoughts and struggles for justice and equality.  And among the names that we remember in the year February 2022, Pamela Moses is one we should not forget.  Pamela, a black woman, was sentenced to 6 years in prison for the CRIME attempting to register to vote after her probation department confirmed that she was eligible to vote.

Let us not forget that for the CRIME of voting twice in the last election, 4 white men were convicted.  Three were given probations, one 3 days in jail.

Yes! This is Black History Month, let us not forget the struggle for justice and equality while a Black NFL Football coach is invited to a job interview after the job was handed to a lesser qualified white male.

Let us not forget that the right to vote in this country is still being stolen away from Blacks in the year 2022.

This is Black History.

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