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  1. ICC: Development Initiative Awards, Five inspirational stories depicting the effects of cricket in local communities
  2. ICC: Players of the month Nominations, May 2022
  3. Former test match cricketer, now coach, says International T20 should  only be played at World Cup  events
  4. ICC Chairman: Women’s Test Matches should be played over five days
  5. Women’s test matches “not part of the future landscape”
  6. There is no doubt white ball cricket is the future
  7. Expect a reduction in the number of test cricket in the future, but, England, Australia and India are OK.
  8. Problems with Women’s cricket in Afghanistan is a blip, give it time.
  9. Mithali Raj, India’s Women’s team captain & leading run scorer announced retirement
  10. CWI includes 3 uncapped players for Bangladesh test.


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