The Butcher Played The First Four Metallica Records During European DJ Gigs


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The Butcher is an accomplished wrestler and musician, but you might not know that he’s also performed as a DJ from time to time.

AEW’s The Butcher (Andy Williams) was a recent guest on The Sessions with Renee Paquette and he spoke about his own taste of music as well as the work he puts into his sets. After describing Orange Cassidy’s eclectic taste in music, The Butcher spoke about how he would do DJ gigs and his taste in music was such a contrast to what would typically be in a set.

“My taste in music is so all over the place that I will bum the entire crowd out,” he joked. “I had the opportunity a couple years ago to help with — Violent Gentlemen had me go out and DJ a couple of sets for the NHL. They had me do these things and I would take that into account and I was like, ‘No one wants to hear Metallica right now. There’s no one in this room that wants to hear an eight-minute song about World War 2.’ Like no one wants to hear that.

“I really took it into account and I would do these crazy things, I would cut out intros and I put too much time and effort into it. So when I went to Europe, I started getting offers to do DJ sets in Europe, I did this thing called ‘DJ First Four’ where I would just play the first four Metallica records, take my shirt off and play air guitar on a table, and that literally is it.”

Renee said that sounded “European as fuck” and Williams said that it might work in the United States, but it’s got to be in the right city. 

“I’ve seen everything during those sets. I’ve seen people fighting, making out, it’s amazing and I tried to do it a couple of times in the States, and I have to be in a bigger city. If I was in Chicago or I did it in LA, people would be into it. But you go to like, Lawrence, Kansas and you try to do a Metallica night, it’s not working.”

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