The best Apple Watch Ultra bands in 2022

The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s most rugged and durable smartwatch yet. Thanks to its beefy design, large screen and advanced fitness tracking capabilities, it’s the perfect fitness tracker for every activity from climbing mountains to deep-sea diving.

Of course, a smartwatch is only as good as its band (you’ll be wearing one every time you want to use the watch, after all). So what are the best ones you can get for the Apple Watch Ultra? We’ve rounded up eight that you’re going to love.


Apple’s own Alpine Loop is a fan favorite among Apple Watch Ultra owners thanks to its incredible durability, comfort and security. It uses two textile layers that are woven together for increased strength, has a titanium G-hook so it won’t come spontaneously undon, and it’s available in three sizes to fit whatever size wrist you have. For any activity on land, the Alpine Loop is a great option.

best apple ultra watch bands apple ocean band


Perfect for swimming, diving or any aquatic activity, Apple’s Ocean Band is one of the best you can get if you spend a lot of time in the water. It’s made of a “high-performance elastomer with a tubular geometry,” according to Apple, which basically means it’s comfortable to wear (even over a wetsuit) and repels water well. It also comes with a titanium buckle and adjustable loop for extra security.

best apple watch ultra bands apple trail loop


The Trail Loop from Apple is a thin and lightweight band that can still guarantee it’ll stay on your wrist thanks to its convenient pull-tab hooking system. It’s similar to other nylon bands with its double-weave design, and it comes in a stylish black/grey, blue/grey and yellow/beige.

apple watch ultra bands nomad rugged band


Nomad is one of the best iPhone case makers you’ll find, and the company’s line of Apple Watch bands is just as excellent. The Rugged Band in particular is a great compliment to the Apple Watch Ultra thanks to its soft yet durable fluoroelastomer design and stainless steel lugs and buckle. It’s completely waterproof, breathable and stylish. Plus, it’s a bit cheaper than Apple’s options.

best apple watch ultra bands Spigen DuraPro Flex Band


Spigen’s recent efforts in the Apple Watch market have been quite impressive, and its DuraPro Flex band is no exception. Made from a lightweight and durable fabric, the band is breathable and fully adjustable with the zinc alloy buckle for a perfect fit on your wrist. The best part? It’s plenty affordable.

best apple ultra watch bands Haflyer Carbon Fiber Band


This Apple Watch band might look like an ordinary link bracelet, but it’s actually very unique. It’s made of pure carbon fiber so it’s lightweight and breathable, while still retaining a sophisticated look that’s perfect for classing up your Apple Watch Ultra. It’s durable, water-resistant and skin-friendly.

best apple watch ultra bands nomad active band pro


Another solid band choice from Nomad for the Apple Watch Ultra is the Active Band Pro. The unique combination of waterproof leather and FKT rubber makes this band not just ideal for the adventures of everyday life, but also for those who like to add a little style to their wrist. What’s more, the strap comes with interior ventilation channels to keep your wrist cool, along with stainless steel lugs and buckle, and you can swap the classic brown leather finish for black (the lugs are also available in black or silver).

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best apple watch ultra bands amBand Apple Watch Ultra Band & Case


If you want to go full-on G-Shock replacement with your Apple Watch Ultra, check out AmBand’s band and case combination. Not only do you get a rugged strap with a durable stainless steel buckle, but you also get a case that provides military-grade drop protection for your watch. In the box, you’ll also get a set of screen protectors that give you additional scratch protection, keeping your Apple Watch Ultra looking just as good as the day you got it.

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