Tejasswi Prakash Tells Karan Kundrra Off For “Hypocrisy”

Tejasswi Prakash Tells Karan Kundrra Off For “Hypocrisy”


Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash Tells Karan Kundrra Off For 'Hypocrisy'

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New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 15 fans have been rooting for the budding romance between actors Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra on the reality show. However, the episode aired on Thursday revealed that it is not going to be all that easy for the two contestants.  While the episode began with Akasa Singh teasing the duo as Karan Kundrra helped Tejasswi Prakash pick her hairstyle, it ended with Tejasswi telling Karan off, rather curtly. During a conversation, Tejasswi is seen telling Karan Kundrra that while on one hand, he was asking housemates on the show to come together and stand up to theBigg Boss OTT contestants, he was also making sure his bond remained intact with them. 

It all started with this week’s captaincy task that had to be cancelled due to a lack of consensus among contestants. Housemates collectively felt that the lack of consensus was created by Pratik Sehajpal alone. As a result, they were seen engaging in a war of words with Pratik as well as Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat who were trying to explain his side of the issue. As Pratik, Shamita and Nishant were together on the recently concluded Bigg Boss OTT, contestants Karan Kundrra and Jay Bhanushali pointed out that the trio always stood up for each other, and the Jungelwaasis needed to stand up against them.

Karan Kundrra is also seen chastising the rest of the housemates for not standing together like the Bigg Boss OTT group. But in the conversation between Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra a few hours later, Tejasswi points out that despite his tall claims, Karan was the first to rush to mend things with Shamita and Nishant. 

“I am not okay with this,” Tejasswi tells Karan Kundrra pointing out the double standards. “Jaise hi Nishant aur Shamita andar aaye, unke peechey peechey tu hi gaya…For me, it is extremely annoying when tu dus logon ko chada raha hai par tu mast mei jaake side mei apni baat unse kar raha hai…Tune apna bond barabar bana rakh raha hai Shamita aur Nishant ke saath…I am sorry mujhe yeh hypocrisy lagta hai (As soon as Nishant and Shamita came into the house, you went behind them. For me, it is extremely annoying that you are instigating ten people but then you go and sit with the people you are complaining about. You are making sure your bond with Shamita and Nishant is intact. I am sorry, that looks like hypocrisy to me.”

Agar tumhe dono side khelna hai, tu woh bol. (If you want to play both sides, say that). Don’t play this game with me,” Tejasswi added.

Watch snippets of the conversation here:

Following the cancellation of the captaincy task, Bigg Boss announced that the house will not have a captain next week. Now, it waits to be seen how the lack of a leader affects the functioning of the house and the activities.


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