Sweat Towel Makes Aleem Dar Deny Blair Tickner A Wicket Against Ireland In A Bizarre Incident

The second ODI between New Zealand and Ireland witnessed a bizarre incident when umpire Aleem Dar denied Blair Tickner a wicket. The match took place earlier this week when both the teams locked horns in Dublin.

The incident took place when Tickner was bowling to Simi Singh in the 43rd over. On the final ball of the over, Tickner bowled one just outside the off stump.

Singh wanted to guide the ball towards point but lack of footwork saw him edge the ball behind the stumps where Tom Latham took a fine catch diving towards his right side. Umpire Paul Reynolds raised his finger as Tickner celebrated the wicket with his teammates before the drama unfolded.

Tom Latham (Credits: Twitter)

Aleem Dar was not convinced with the dismissal and referred the matter to the third umpire. After a while, Singh was given not out, much to everyone’s surprise. New Zealand’s stand-in skipper Latham was seen arguing with umpire Aleem Dar as Tickner expressed his disappointment too.

Why did Aleem Dar deny Blair Tickner the wicket:

While umpire Aleem Dar’s decision took everyone by surprise, it was well within the law of the game. Singh was given not out because the towel tucked into the back of Tickner’s trousers fell out just after delivery.

Consequently, the umpires declared it a dead ball and the New Zealand pacer had to bowl the delivery again. Before bowling that delivery, Tickner had expressed his disappointment by saying: “I know the rule, but if the same thing happens and I get hit for six, that’s not gonna be called a dead ball to take away the runs.”

What does the rule say?

According to cricket’s law “either umpire shall call and signal dead ball when… the striker is distracted by any noise or movement or in any other way while preparing to receive or receiving a delivery. This shall apply whether the source of the distraction is within the match or outside it.”

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