Saying ‘Horrible’ Things In A Fun Way Is My Special Skill

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The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) has become one of the most popular tag teams in All Elite Wrestling. Caster’s raps on his way to the ring often entertain the fans, but they’ve also generated some controversy when “Platinum Max” goes too far. Still, whether the reaction is favorable or heated, Caster’s zingers generate a reaction every night he performs.

During an interview with Brandon Walker of Barstool Rasslin’, The Acclaimed discussed their rise to prominence in AEW. When asked about his raps, Caster explained that coming up with the material shortly before he wrestles is part of his job, but he embraces the challenge. He also stated that his particular talent lies in his ability to say “horrible” things in a way that’s fun for everyone.

“The most important thing is that I have a little bit of time by myself and really think about how to pick apart our opponents,” said Caster. “And you know, I’ve gotten Jungle Boy so much that I had to come out with a new line for Jungle Boy. So I said well, you know what, this guy probably doesn’t have any pubes, so let me say that. And I did that and that line worked, it was pretty good.

“So yeah, I always do have time to come up with it. I do have a document of just in care, if we wrestle this guy, just in case, I got some things on deck, ready to go. But I like being current, I like current events, I like politics, anything we can do to work that in, without getting me and Anthony in trouble, I think that’s the true skill that I have is saying these things that are horrible, but making them fun for everybody.”

“Platinum Max” then named the Dark Order as the toughest people to rap about because he’s already insulted the group from every angle, given the fact that he’s faced the stable many times.

“At this point, it’s the Dark Order because we’ve wrestled them so many times,” said Caster. “And I’ve gotten them in every single angle I can get them in. I’m like, ‘Oh, these guys are a dom and a sub, this guy wears a wig, you know, they’re the Dark Order, but there’s no dark people in your group, what’s up with that?’ So I’ve exhausted the Dark Order so much that every time we wrestle them on an Elevation match or something, me and Anthony look at each other like, ‘Oh oh, here we go again, gotta think of something completely new for the Dark Order.’”

Caster also stated that he particularly enjoys taking shots at legends, as he pointed to dissing Christian Cage and Bryan Danielson as two of his favorite roasts.

“I love being able to just rip on legends,” said Bowens. “When I got Christian at the pay-per-view, that’s a real popular one for me. Bryan Danielson, when I said, ‘Bowens’ arms are bigger than your legs’, and the camera zooms out to show his legs, [those are] beautiful TV moments that we make every single week doing this stuff.”

Fans can look forward to seeing what raps Caster has up his sleeve from here on out.

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