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SA-W 61/4 (10.5 ov, Marizanne Kapp 5*, Mignon du Preez 38*, Hayley Matthews 0/15)

So that brings a damp end to proceedings. Today’s result means India will to have win against South Africa on Sunday to progress. A no-result also will work in their favor as their NRR is the best of the lot. But they can’t afford a loss. West Indies will surely be watching that one closely. Their hopes rest on a South Africa win. Meanwhile in Christchurch, England are in a great position against Pakistan. Head over there to follow it live. Catch up on all the feedback and analysis on this platform. Thanks for the comments. On behalf of Shashank Kishore and our scorer Thilak Rama, signing off from here. See you soon and be well. Bye.

Matee Naqvee: “South Africa are through to the semis after rain. Strange reading!”

Sneh: “Indian team with Bismah Mahroof and her child after India vs Pakistan match. World needs more of these moments of love in today’s times. :)”

Bala: “India would require an outright win or a washout in the next match against SA to reach the semis. With NZ losing momentum early, ENG scraping through in their second part of the league phase, WI and India iffy with their approach, no one would have expected such an anti-climax in the tournament where teams need to be bailed out by the weather gods!”

Ollie : “India vs South Africa is gonna be a cracker “

Stafanie Taylor: It’s not the way we liked. can’t do much about it, something we can’t control. We were hoping that we would’ve a game. The bowlers have been doing a fantastic job, For Chinelle, there’s something about South Africa she always does well, she takes wickets. I tossed her the ball and she was in great rhythm. We probably have some popcorn, hope that South Africa do beat India for us to give a chance. It’s something we can’t control but do hope it goes our way. Probably other than the first two games we have played, we have been iffy. Travelling does put a dent in that, you don’t get much recovery time, we are trying our best to recover. Niggles do creep in at times, it’s about managing them. It’s never easy when you are travelling around. If we go to the semis, you just have to go out and play, does not matter if it’s a niggle or an injury, you have to step up. It comes down to how badly you want it.

Sune Luus: Everybody’s extremely excited and happy to be in the semis. With the rain today wasn’t ideal sitting around and waiting. Not the best of starts but we still have to take the positives out of today, the way Mignon batted, she has been shy of runs in the competition and she needed that for her confidence. There’s still a lot of batters who would be happy to get runs, Lizelle Lee at the top and our No.3 spot as well. With our bowling to keep hitting our strides and we pride ourselves on our fielding, so we would like to improve on that. She should be OK [talking about Klaas for the next game]. We are pretty pumped to be getting into that final, it has been a dream for us for so long, but we still need to get through the semi-finals, needing to play England or India it will be a tough game regardless and we need to get through that. We will take it game by game, we would keep with our momentum and a win on Sunday will help with that.

Here are the captains post-match.

4.47pm: The game has been abandoned. Both teams get a point each. South Africa are through to the semis while West Indies now have 7 points and are third on the table. If either India or England lose a game, West Indies will be through. Also South Africa have avoided Australia in the semi-final. Coming back to today’s game, the rain set in and despite relenting for a while, when 10.5 overs were played, it came back to put an end to the proceedings. West Indies will happily take the 1 point against a strong South African side.

Sooryanarayanan: “Bismah Maroof walking to the venue with her kit in the crib and her baby in her arms – that was one of the most heartwarming moments of the tournament”

Kartikeya Junej: “As a WI fan, moment of this world cup has been Dottin’s final over against NZ to win it.”

As the rain continues, according to you what has been the moment of this World Cup so far? Fire away.

Harish : “Any further update on the weather from the ground. ” — not at the moment

While we wait for the rain to abate, jump in to our coverage of England v Pakistan. England looking good.

More covers are coming on. Does not look good at all.

4.05pm It’s drizzling now and the covers are coming on. Oh, no. Terrible news. The players aren’t exactly running for cover, so that’s a sure sign of the rain being steady and not heavy. But obviously not so light for them to carry on. Momentum for South Africa in the last couple of overs after West Indies were all over South Africa early on. Conditions have remained dark and grey all day. The biggest issue has been the absence of any wind in a city known for being windy. The brown hessian covers come on to cover the surface.

waseem: “A washout here could be the most game theoretic optimized result both these teams, even if they would prefer otherwise. For SA, it would mean a spot in the semis. For WI, a win and a washout are exactly the same. Even if WI wins and has to fend off competition based on NRR, they would most probably lose out. Therefore, one point here for both teams should be equally beneficial for both teams”

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