‘Rawalpindi Express’ takes Harmain bullet train from Makkah to Madina


Rawalpindi Express takes Harmain bullet train from Makkah to Madina

Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar, who is currently in Saudi Arabia as a state guest to perform the religious obligation of Hajj, has shared another video from his visit to keep his fans updated on his activities.

The former cricketer, also known as Rawalpindi Express for his extraordinary fast bowling, is about to commute from Makkah to Madina to pay a visit at Roza-e-Rasool, the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), using one of the world’s fastest trains.

“Rawalpindi Express is taking Harmain Bullet Train to Madina, which covers eight hours of commute in just two hours,” Akhtar said in the video he posted on Twitter.

He then let the viewers have a sight of the train station, which he called “one of the best train stations” he has seen in his life.

Akhtar lauded Saudi Arabia for doing a great job when it comes to accommodating pilgrims and transportation.

Giving an update, he said that he has already performed Umrah and he will come back to Makkah to make preparations for Hajj — the events of which are starting this evening, after visiting Masjid-e-Nabwi in Madina.

“Starting my beautiful journey from Makkah Muazzama to Madinah Munawwara on Harmain Express Bullet Train. One of the fastest in the world. 8 hour road journey between the two cities can now be covered only in a little over 2 hours. Really looking forward,” he tweeted.


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