Possible Reason FTR Was Cut from AEW: Fight Forever Video Game


So far, AEW has released two mobile games for fans to play, the Double or Nothing Casino game and AEW Elite GM.

Right now, AEW is working on its first console video game, AEW: Fight Forever, which is hotly anticipated by fans and gamers alike.

Fight Forever will be the first wrestling action game by the company, allowing fans to play as their favorite AEW stars

FTR Pulled

Fans will get to play as their favorite AEW talent, with Kenny Omega, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson just some of the names confirmed, but they won’t be playing as FTR.

It was reported this week that FTR had been pulled from the game, but no explanation was given as to the reason.

On Twitter, Sports Gamers Online managing director Mike Straw addressed FTR’s removal, and said that a problem with move set captures and nominations was a factor in AEW’s decision.

If so, it is possible that more AEW talent could be pulled from the game, as this isn’t just a problem exclusive to FTR.

AEW: Fight Forever

Last week, fans caught a glimpse of AEW: Fight Forever at the 2022 Gamescon in Cologne, Germany.

Speaking about the game, Evil Uno and Colt Cabana said that Fight Forever will feature a “deep career mode” which will see players go “on the road” with AEW.

AEW: Fight Forever also picked up the Best Sports Game award at Gamescon.

Despite reports of a release this year, no date has been confirmed for when AEW: Fight Forever will hit shelves.


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