Pakistanis use their top-notch meme game to praise batter

Pakistanis use their top-notch meme game to praise batter

Asif Ali, Shadab Khan celebrate after winning T20 clash against Afghanistan. Photo: AFP

Pakistani batsman Asif Ali guided Pakistan to their third consecutive win in the ICC T20 World Cup clash Friday, making Twitter fall in love with him all over again. 

As is the case with Pakistanis, whenever the team (or a single member of it) performs heroics, they roll up their sleeves and turn to their meme game. 

And as has been proven time and again, Pakistanis are unmatched when it comes to their meme game. Here are some memes doing the rounds on the internet after Asif Ali’s late blitz sealed Afghanistan’s fate. 

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja praised Asif Ali for his “incredible hitting under pressure”. 

Thank God Asif Ali didn’t do that. 

Illustrator Moiz Nazim hit it out of the park with an illustration referencing the Squid Game’s honeycomb game. 

Twitter account Heisenberg used a viral Shaheen Afridi picture to depict how Asif Ali must have been feeling after Rashid Khan went on a rampage against Pakistan. 

Here’s another Squid Game reference for you all. 

We have nothing more to add to this. 

It’s true. When we all think it can be over for Pakistan, Asif Ali puts on his cape. 

Ahmed Daniyal said it best: Asif Ali is the most loved man in Pakistan right now. 

Areej Khalid tells us exactly how calm and composed Asif Ali was during the match. 

Pakistan won the match by five wickets to solidify their chances for a berth in the semi-final stages of the game.

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