Online Casino Promotions for Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are still quite new to the industry, and most gambling sites are still experimenting with bonuses they can grant for the games of this category. The problem is that these games have extremely low house edges, making it hard for the sites to remain profitable while providing bonuses. In this article, we will review the most popular online casino promotions you can get for live games.

Deposit Bonuses

When live games only entered the market, the casinos did not have any bonuses specifically designed for them, so they started offering deposit bonuses. Such offers are still available on many gambling sites and they essentially work like regular deposit bonuses for slots.

However, we would not dedicate a specific section to such promos, if there were no important details you need to know. First of all, not all deposit bonuses are compatible with live games. On most sites, you will need to specify it for every promo individually. Usually, the sites come up with online casino promotions that are exclusively available for live games.

This fact is associated with the bonus terms. As we have mentioned in the introduction, the house edges of live dealer games are extremely low. For example, the RTP value of blackjack is more than 99%, which limits the casino in space for promotions. Thus, the terms for live deposit bonuses are usually stricter than with offers for regular games.

Free Rounds

This type of online casino promotions for live games is extraordinarily rare, but we still have to mention it. After activating these offers, you will be able to join some rounds in the specified live games for free. In most cases, the sum of your bet and the compatible game will be predetermined by the casino team. On different sites, such bonuses may apply to roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and even some live specialties and game shows.

Cashback Offers

Cashback offers are the favorite type of bonuses for live dealer games for many gamblers. Such offers are mutually beneficial for the casino and the players. The gambling site gets more activity in its live dealer lobby, as the bonus encourages more gamblers to try these games. The players, in turn, get some of their bets returned.

The mechanics of such online casino promotions may vary a lot between different gambling sites. Some casinos offer cashbacks only to the participants of their loyalty programs or VIP club members, while the others grant this option to everyone. 

The approach to calculating the cashback may also be different. The most popular way to calculate it relates to taking the specified percentage from the total sum of bets you’ve lost. Some casinos, however, calculate the sum of your cashback based on the sum you have deposited.

Bonus Terms

The bonus rules for live dealer promos are usually the same as with all the other offers in terms of mechanics. Generally, you will need to meet the specified wagering requirements by making eligible bets within the specified time frame.

At the same time, the numbers, stated in the bonus terms for live games, may dramatically vary from the terms for slots and other RNG games. The wagering requirements are often higher than x60, which would be exceptionally high for slots. 

With deposit bonuses, the percentage of the boost is averagely lower than with slots. It is also true for cashback offers, as the percentage of your live cashback will typically be lower than with similar offers designed for slots, table games, and RNG specialties. These limitations are associated with the same high RTP values of live dealer games.

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