Most 10-Wickets Wins in ODI by Teams

The wins in ODI come in many shapes. The 50-overs format has seen many thrillers and anti-climaxes that demand the last ball of the game to fetch a result.

However, this article will talk about the dominating victories that are completely one-sided. Teams chasing their targets successfully with no wickets lost in their batting order are successes of higher order.

It is surprising that the term “won by 10 wickets” has been used under 60 times in ODIs, a format with a history of more than 50 years.

This article will list the top teams with the most 10-wickets wins in ODIs.

Teams with Most 10-Wickets Wins in ODI

West Indies 11
New Zealand 9
India 8
South Africa 7
England 6
Sri Lanka 6
Australia 5
Pakistan 4
Afghanistan 1
Kenya 1

Key Stats

South Africa’s 282/0, while chasing Bangladesh 278 in a 2017 ODI game in Kimberley, is the highest ODI score any team has chased with no wicket loss. Find out where Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock are placed in the ODI partnership records after the destructive pair innings that day.


Seven of West Indies’ 11 10-wickets victories came before 2000. More specifically, six of those wins came between 1983 and 1992, the period of their supremacy in world cricket.

Since 2000, New Zealand has had the most such victories (8), followed by South Africa (7).

Of all teams, India has the most without loss victories in away ODI games. They have four of their elite chases coming away from home, whereas West Indies comes second with two.

On the other hand, New Zealand has the most 10-wickets wins in World Cup matches – 3. South Africa and Sri Lanka have 2.

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