MOMAX Airbox Power Bank Review

MOMAX Airbox Power Bank Review


I’ll start this review by admitting we rarely review chargers or power banks here. But seeing the promotional material for the MOMAX Airbox Power Bank, I knew it was different and offered something unprecedented. Let’s dive into this review and see if it held up to that initial impression.

MOMAX Airbox Power Bank Features

I’m one of those people who have electronics all over her home. Some of those are Apple products, and many of them need to sit on a charger. That means I have multiple cords, chargers, and power banks.

This has led me to search for ways to charge things more easily, perhaps simultaneously, and with fewer cords. Just for what I need daily requires three outlets, three charging bricks, one power bank, and four cords. More and more, these products require USB-C.

Momax Airbox Power Bank 3 In 1

Let’s be honest and acknowledge that many products claim to be 3-in-1 chargers – and I have a few lying around unused. But the MOMAX Airbox Power Bank claims to be 4-in-1.

It can charge four Apple products simultaneously:

  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • AirPods Pro
  • iPad Pro

Yes, I’m fully into the Apple ecosystem. I own all of these and an Apple Pencil.

Along with charging all four of these Apple devices wirelessly, the Airbox can be charged itself two different ways: through USB-C and wirelessly. That alone seems revolutionary.

Momax Airbox Power Bank Wireless Charging

It charges the iPhone, AirPods Pro, and Apple Watch wirelessly through Qi charging. It charges an iPad Pro through the USB-C port. There is also a spot to store an Apple Pencil, but it doesn’t charge it. It’s not necessary with an Apple Pencil 2 anyway since they charge while waiting on top of your iPad.

The battery in the MOMAX Airbox Power Bank is 10,000Ah, which is good for a power bank if you’re using it to charge an iPad. It supports 10W wireless charging and 20W PD fast charge. It will also charge an Apple Watch 16 times, AirPods 25 times, iPhone three times, and an iPad Mini 1.5 times.

Momax Airbox Power Bank Open Flat

MOMAX ensures that it is airline and TSA approved, which is good, as this would be perfect for travel. I always bring all my devices, so that means bringing all those cords, charging bricks, and power banks.

The power bank can be recharged in five hours with 10W wireless charging and 1.6 hours through USB-C, according to MOMAX. Note that it won’t carry these times if it is also charging when being recharged.

It is 182mm x 80.5mm x 34mm and weighs .82 lbs. It will wirelessly charge an iPhone (or other phone1) at 10W, AirPods Pro at 5W, and an Apple Watch at 5W.

Using the MOMAX Airbox Power Bank

The MOMAX Airbox Power Bank makes several claims to its charging times and capabilities, but does it hold up? That’s what I was mainly testing with this review.

Momax Airbox Power Bank Unboxed

Inside the box you will find:

  • MOMAX Airbox
  • USB to USB-C Cable (1m)
  • Instruction Manual & Warranty Card
  • Pouch

Recharging the MOMAX AirBox Power Bank

With the power bank capabilities of wireless charging and USB-C, it provides you with options. However, the options played out differently, as I didn’t get the same recharging times with the device.

Momax Airbox Power Bank Usb Charging

MOMAX claims the power bank will recharge in 1.6 hours; however, that was never my experience through a few weeks of testing. Truthfully, I rarely recharged from 0 to 100%, as I used it so much, I’d be recharging it right away for the next use – I needed to. But even a partial recharge never happened in 1.6 hours.

That’s okay. It didn’t pose a problem for me, as I just kept partially recharging. My tests for a full recharge seemed like they were never completing. That last of the four white lights was always blinking, even after three and four hours. I found if I unplugged it with the fourth light blinking, I would get all four lights to stay lit. At this writing, I did one last test to see how long it would take, watching for that fourth blinking light, knowing it was 100%. It took about six hours.

As far as the wireless charging, I used a wireless phone charging pad. Because it took even longer, I usually stuck with the USB-C charging. But it’s still great just to have the options.

Charging with the MOMAX Airbox Power Bank

Momax Airbox Power Bank Lights

Pushing the power button once powers on the power bank. Long-pressing the button powers it off. There are a series of lights near the power button. The green light indicates whether it’s powered on, the two red lights indicate whether an iPhone and/or AirPods Pro are charging, and the four white lights, of course, show the level of charge remaining, as mentioned above.

Curiously, there is no indicator light to show whether an Apple Watch is charging. Additionally, I found in testing that the power button worked best when the unit was closed.

Momax Airbox Power Bank Charge All 3

iPhones, AirPods Pro, and Apple Watches are placed on their respective areas to charge. I found that a device can’t always be placed on the power bank if another device has already been charging for a while. I have to remove the first device, power the Airbox off, power it back on, then place all devices on the Airbox. Additionally, once the devices reach 100%, the power bank will power off, assumably to reserve power.

Momax Airbox Power Bank Watch

I have to point out the one really great aspect of the Apple Watch charging capability. I have looked for a year and a half for a 3-in-1 charger. Most of them require you to plug your Apple-supplied charger inside it, spending 10 minutes winding the cord around a spindle to hide it. The few that don’t require that simply don’t work well and are very slow.

But the Airbox doesn’t require you to use your own Apple Watch charger and actually works well! I can’t stress how much of a rarity this is.

Momax Airbox Power Bank Storage

Other than the charging and recharging aspects, the Airbox also stores your AirPods Pro and Apple Pencil. Just close it up and go. While the advertising shows it fitting in a pocket, in reality, it’s far too bulky/heavy for that. I wouldn’t want to walk around with it in my pocket, but I would definitely carry it in my bag or purse.

Final Thoughts

While I was disappointed in the charging time, the remaining features work so well that they make the MOMAX Airbox Power Bank a winner.

Momax Airbox Power Bank Lock Screen2

Truthfully, I haven’t used the Airbox to charge my iPad Pro. It would drain the power, and I wouldn’t have it for my remaining devices. But if I was pressed, I could charge four devices.

During my testing, I did an overnight away from home and only brought the Airbox, one charging brick, and two cables. For me, that was traveling light. Normally, I bring a wireless charger, power bank, two charging bricks, an Apple Watch charger, and two or three cords. Sometimes a keyboard is thrown into the mix as well.

If you have similar struggles and are an Apple user, the MOMAX Airbox Power Bank will solve your problems. You can use the code U9RYMVC6 to get 10% off and pay just $107.99.

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