Missing mountaineers Shehroze Kashif, Fazal Ali traced


Mountaineers Shehroze Kashif (L) and Ali Fazal (R). — Instagram
Mountaineers Shehroze Kashif (L) and Ali Fazal (R). — Instagram
  • Shehroze Kashif’s father confirms his son has been traced.
  • Says no one helped Kashif and Fazal Ali.
  • Another mountaineer, Sharif Sadpara, is still missing.

Pakistani mountaineer Shehroze Kashif’s father Salman Kashif on Wednesday said that his son and Fazal Ali, who had gone missing while descending the summit of Nanga Parbat, have been traced.

The mountaineer duo had separately summited the Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest peak in the world, on Tuesday. Shehroze claimed the title of the world’s youngest mountaineer to scale the Nanga Parbat.

The mountain is considered the most lethal and toughest.

Speaking to Geo News, Salman said that Shehroze had been seen moving towards the third camp from the fourth camp.

“Both Shehroze and Fazal are moving towards camp three,” Salman said.

He, however, complained that “no one” helped his son and Fazal and both of the mountaineers are returning on their own.

Earlier, Salman had said that contact had been lost with his son on his return from Nanga Parbat.

In an emotional video message, Shehroze’s father appealed to the government to launch a search operation to trace the mountaineer.

“He [Shehroze] is only 20-years-old. He has made big achievements and brought a good name to Pakistan,” Shehroze’s father said in a shaky voice.

“Is this the payback in this country?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Gilgit-Baltistan Home Secretary Iqbal Hussain had earlier confirmed lost of contact with the two mountaineers, Daily Dawn reported.

The official had said that the mountaineer duo went missing between camps 3 and 4, located on an altitude of 7,000-8,000 metres while descending the summit. He said that the GB government launched a rescue operation shortly after, while other ground rescue teams were also alerted.

He had said that helicopters would be deployed if the weather permitted.

Sharif Sadpara goes missing from Broad Peak

Meanwhile, another Pakistani mountaineer, Sharif Sadpara, went missing after falling off a “very high altitude”, other climbers accompanying him on the summit of Broad Peak said.

Dilawar Sadpara, who was with Sharif on the quest, said that the missing mountaineer lost balance due to a strong gust of wind after they summited the Broad Peak.

He said that Sharif fell on the side in China’s territory. The mountaineer said that finding Sharif through ground is impossible, therefore a search operation should be launched through a helicopter.

Sources said that Sharif, Dilawar and Imtiaz Sadpara were on a mission to summit Broad Peak and K2.


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