Major WWE office departure proves that no one is safe, more releases expected soon

Major WWE office departure proves that no one is safe, more releases expected soon


PWInsider is reporting that Stanski has left WWE. While many fans may now know who he is, his departure has left many in the company shocked because he was there for almost 15 years in a key role as the Senior Vice President, Creative Services.

Stanski’s exit was described by someone in WWE as so shocking and as “the ultimate proof no one is safe” and that this is “another reminder this isn’t the same company it was a year ago.”

Stanski worked as the Vice President of Creative Services after being hired in 2006 and then was promoted into the Senior Vice President position in 2012.

Stanski’s LinkedIn profile described his position as the following:

“Executive Creative Director with outstanding success in the entertainment industry, currently the head of WWE’s internal creative agency. I provide leadership for the ideation, creative development and execution of the global marketing, television properties, streaming service, sales, consumer products, live event, and all creative branding initiatives for WWE and of its subsidiary brands worldwide.”

It was reported that more departures may be revealed soon. It’s clear that no one in WWE is safe and that extends to people very high up in the company.

WWE made a record number of cuts this year and last year at the height of the pandemic. While there has been no indication that more talent releases are coming, nothing should shock anyone at this point. The latest cuts came just hours before the latest earnings report that come out tomorrow monring.


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