Logan Paul will fit in perfectly as a sports entertainer

Logan Paul has signed with WWE. Yep, the guy who went from YouTube comedian to social medial personality, to “professional boxer,” is now entering the world of professional wrestling. Or more so, sports entertainment. Paul has stepped into the WWE ring before, putting on an impressive performance at WrestleMania 38. But looking at the direction the WWE is heading, it’s understandable why the company would take an interest in Paul and his potential ceiling in the company.

WWE is no longer interested in the stars of the independent circuit. The days that created the Black and Gold version of WWE NXT are long over. Instead of names like reDRagon, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, and Candice LeRae, the performers that cut their teeth in smaller markets before making it to the WWE, the company wants former college athletes, and people who draw social media attention like Paul.

Just a day prior the company signed Valerie Loureda to a deal. She’s a former MMA fighter who competed for Bellator but she’s more known for her appearance and antics on social media rather than her 4-1 professional record.

Paul carries a similar background coming from the exhibition boxing space. While he was never a legitimate competitor, he did well in drawing attention. That attention has since transferred to his brother Jake, but Logan is still an attraction as his appearances and performances in WWE have shown.

Fans were pleasantly surprised with Paul’s performance in the match as he teamed with The Miz to take on Los Mysterios. He followed in a recent trend of celebrities crossing over to the WWE and exceeding expectations. Bad Bunny and Pat McAfee did the same years prior.

Paul should be expected to perform quite well as a sports entertainer. He’s only 27 years old and has a strong enough athletic background that he should be able to make the basic transition necessary to be competent in the ring. And with his background as a YouTube personality, he certainly knows how to entertain. He has 23.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 23.2 million followers on Instagram. That’s not by accident.

This is also an important get for the WWE as Paul can help bridge the promotion toward younger viewers. It has been well documented that not only is WWE’s top roster aging, but the viewers who consistently tune in are well outside what is considered the target demographic. If Paul can be the catalyst to help turn that around, then he will easily be deemed a success.

WWE’s hiring practices have shifted in the last year. Logan Paul is the newest big name to join the roster, and he should exceed expectations in this new step in his career as an entertainer.

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