KOBK 10/15/22 Die Young Results


KOBK 10/15/22 Die Young results from the TWE Arena in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The event was taped for IWTV and is set to air on October 19, 2022.

Results credit: Fightful.com

  1. Gary Jay def. Anakin Murphy
  2. Yung Gun Scramble: Rico Gonzalez def. Kavron Kanyon, Derek James, Kasey Owens, Damion Turner, and Pha’Nesse
  3. Derek Neal def. Kerry Awful
  4. Arik Royal def. Kevin Ryan
  5. Infrared (Tyler Matrix and Logan James) def. Bills Gettin’ Paid (Billie Starkz and Billy Tipton)
  6. Adam Priest def. Brogan Finlay
  7. Joe Black def. Lutha X
  8. Suge D def. Pete Youngblood
  9. Fed Hardcore Match: Hardway Heeter def. Nick Iggy via disqualification


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