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Jeff Jarrett gives his thoughts on Triple H, early success with Springfield Lucky Horseshoes baseball team

WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett took part in a media scrum during WrestleCon over the weekend. Here are some highlights:

Jarrett talking about The Springfield Lucky Horseshoes minor league baseball team that he’s involved with:

“Minor League Baseball is radically different from Major League Baseball. Minor league baseball, they may have a set of players one month and the next month an entirely new roster. So they have to sell fun and entertainment and the experience and the atmosphere. That really goes hand in hand with professional wrestling. So when we connected, it was right up my alley. First it was a little bit of a head scratcher when they presented the whole ownership package and plan where we were going. We did the rebranding last month and the statistics that I’ll share, it’s kind of hot off the presses. Our digital numbers did more in the month of January than the team did last year in the entire year combined. And I just say that, out of all due respect, is the rebranding and the engagement that comes into town. We get engaged in the community, nonprofits, Salvation Army, and YMCA. We have really dove into the community. We partnered with the mayor and WWE. The whole genesis of that was I was going to take the mayor out to a nice restaurant. He’s a longtime wrestling fan. He’s taken his kids in years past so we can go to a live event. The mayor was announced. The Miz wore a jersey of the Lucky Horseshoes in the ring. So it was a really great live event and great turnout. So it has exceeded all expectations in so many ways.”

Jeff’s thoughts on Triple H:

“What I always admired about him from the beginning was his business mindset. Then obviously with NXT in the very early days, I think we both sort of have the mentality of how can we create stars of tomorrow? I think the one thing that I respect and that I think I have in common with him, or one of the things is just kind of that desire to and get the satisfaction of finding new talent, developing them and then really seeing them blossom. I always incredibly respected him for that.”

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