Is India’s T20 World Cup campaign over in two matches?

Is India’s T20 World Cup campaign over in two matches?


Is Indias T20 World Cup campaign over in two matches?

Indian cricket fans will undergo the same feeling that usually a Pakistani fan feels when they’ll be keenly depending on the results of other teams in Group 2 of the ICC T20 World Cup, so that Kohli XI could stand a chance to qualify for the next stage of the mega event. 

India is at the bottom of the table with Scotland after losing to Pakistan and New Zealand in the first two games. Kohli’s team is set to play three lower-ranked teams in the days to come.

India, with an NRR of -1.609, is currently not only eyeing to improve its run rate by winning its remaining three matches but also hopes for some upsets against New Zealand, and probably Pakistan as well.

The table in India’s group is led by Pakistan with 3 wins in as many games while Afghanistan has won two matches in their three games. New Zealand and Namibia, on the other hand, have one win in two games apiece.

Pakistan next plays Namibia and Scotland and it is highly unlikely that either of them will stop the Babar Azam-led squad’s unbeaten run in the event. 

If any team India would want to upset Pakistan, it should be Scotland. Pakistan need only one more win to cement their place in the semi final of the tournament.

India next plays Afghanistan on Wednesday in Abu Dhabi, which will be a must-win game for them. If Afghanistan manages to stun India, then Kohli’s side will be knocked out.

To stay alive in tournament, India must  not only win, but win the Afghanistan clash by a convincing margin, to improve its NRR and dent Afghanistan’s NRR, which is currently at +3.754.

Before taking on Afghanistan, India will also keenly follow the New Zealand vs Scotland game. While New Zealand will enter the game as clear favorites, Indian will still hope for an upset by Scotland against the Kiwis.

In an unlikely event of Scotland beating New Zealand, the Indians will feel some energy but they’ll have to beat Scotland on Friday to keep their race alive. Before India’s match against Scotland, New Zealand will play Namibia. The Kiwis will be the favorite team to win that match.

Hence, if Scotland beats New Zealand, New Zealand beats Namibia and India beats both Scotland and Afghanistan, then India, New Zealand and Afghanistan will have four points each.

If New Zealand beats Scotland, Namibia beats New Zealand and India wins against Afghanistan and Scotland, then New Zealand, Namibia, Afghanistan and India will be tied with four points each [assuming that Pakistan will beat Namibia on Tuesday].

In either scenario, India will be keenly watching the Afghanistan vs New Zealand game. Any team winning that match will then have 6 points on table. India is schedule to play its last game against Namibia on November 8, it will then know what NRR it will need to achieve in that match.

Seeing Afghanistan’s mammoth NRR of +3.097, India wouldn’t want to tie with Afghanistan on points and would rather want the Afghan side to lose against New Zealand as well. For them, overcoming New Zealand’s NRR would be easier, which is currently at +0765.

India’s NRR currently is -1.609, which means Kohli’s side will really have to work hard to push themselves up to become one of the two top teams of the tournament, and along with putting in some serious hard work, also hope for Namibia and Scotland to pull off some upsets. 

Otherwise the only option they would be left with would be to consider which flight they need to board to head back home. 


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