India ‘divided’, Shoaib Akhtar says on team’s dismal performance

India ‘divided’, Shoaib Akhtar says on team’s dismal performance

Former Pakistani bowler Shoaib Akhtar. — YouTube screengrab
  • Shoaib Akhtar says there are two camps within Indian team, one is with Virat Kohli and one against him.
  • Former cricketer says Indian media first hypes up team and after they lose, players are insulted.
  • Says Kohli is a great cricketer, and “we have to respect him.”

Once the favourites of the T20 World Cup, India have now become the least favourite after two losses. Keeping in view the performance of the Men in Blue, cricket lovers expect the mega-event to become a party without a host as from the looks of the scorecard, it seems like India is staring at an early exit from the tournament.

While cricket pundits around the world are trying to identify the factors that went wrong for India, former Pakistani bowler Shoaib Akhar says that the Virat Kohli-led team looks “divided.”

In a video shared on his YouTube page, the Pakistani great said: “I can see that there are two camps within the team. One is with Kohli and one against Kohli.”

“It is clear the team is looking divided,” he said, adding that he doesn’t know why this is happening.

“Maybe it’s because of his [Kohli’s] last T20 World Cup as a skipper. Maybe he made wrong decisions, which is true,” Akhtar — also known as Rawalpindi Express — maintained.

However, the former cricketer added that Kohli is a great cricketer, and “we have to respect him”.

Criticising the Indian media for their coverage, he said: “I am not defending the Indian team, but I feel bad because their media has built extra pressure on them.”

“Indian media first hypes up the team by saying that they are unbeatable and after they lose, the players and their families are insulted.”

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