I Envision Myself Becoming WWE Women’s Champion


Raquel Gonzalez WWE SmackDown

Image Credit: WWE

Raquel Rodriguez wants to be Women’s Champion on a major WWE brand.

Once upon a time, Raquel Gonzalez was on top of WWE NXT. Now, however, Raquel Rodriguez wants to be the top women’s wrestler on Friday nights.

Speaking on The Zaslow Show on AM 560 Sports WQAM (Miami), Raquel reflected on her early SmackDown Women’s Championship opportunity against Ronda Rousey on SmackDown and her overall desire to be champion.

“I envision myself becoming Women’s Champion, 100%…I’m always thinking of when my moment is going to come, but also live in the present, and take every moment for what it is. Have the opportunity when it presents itself — like my match with Ronda [Rousey], I was very abrupt and not expected, but I loved every minute. I think the unexpected is the best part of it…In the moment it’s like, this is Ronda Rousey, she’s the baddest woman on the planet, but she’s also in the way of my goal, which is to win the SmackDown! women’s title. I’m going to take her as I do with any other opponent and take her very seriously.”

Ronda Rousey was dethroned at Money in the Bank by Liv Morgan, who bested Raquel Rodriguez and five other women to win the Money in the Bank briefcase and cash it in later the same evening.

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