How to Share a Specific Part of a YouTube Video

Have you ever wanted to share a specific moment from a YouTube video? There are several ways to link to a specific part of a YouTube video. In this tutorial, we share seven methods, including using a third-party service.

1. Copy Video URL

You can use YouTube’s built-in features to share a specific part of any YouTube video. Simply pause the video at the exact moment you want to share, then press either Ctrl + click or right-click anywhere on the video, and select “Copy video URL at current time.”

Youtube Copy Video At Current Time

A URL containing this exact timestamp will now be copied to your clipboard, ready for you to share. Anyone who clicks the link will be immediately transported to this exact portion of the YouTube video.

2. Add Timestamp While Sharing Video

If you’re struggling to hit pause at the right moment, you can type the exact timestamp you want to share. To use this method, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the “Share” button below the video.
Youtube Video Share
  1. In the subsequent pop-up, select the “Start At” checkbox.
  2. By default, YouTube suggests the time where the video is currently paused. However, you can type any time into the accompanying text field.
Youtube Video Share Choose Time
  1. Once you’re happy with the information you’ve entered, you can share this YouTube video as normal. For example, you could share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter. Alternatively, you can copy the generated URL and paste it into any location of your choosing, such as Instagram Messages, Stories, etc.

3. Using YouTube Clips

YouTube offers another native feature called Clips to share a specific part of a video. You will find the Clip button under all of the supported videos. Click or tap on the button to create a clip 5 to 60 seconds long from the original video. The clipped video can then be shared with others and will play in a loop from the original video’s page only. Please note that clips do not create a new video.

To extract a part of a YouTube video by creating its clip, follow these steps:

  1. Start watching the desired video.
  2. Click or tap on the “Clip” icon under the video.
Youtube Video Clip
  1. The Create clip screen will show up. Type a description for the clip.
  2. Enter the start and end times for the clip or use the slider to select the portion of the clip that you want to share and hit the “Share clip” button.
Youtube Video Clip Share
  1. Copy the clip link and share it with others. The clipped video will play in a loop, and users will get the option to watch the full video.
Youtube Video Clip Link

Pro Tip: To view your clipped videos, go to “your YouTube channel Settings → your clips.

How to Disable Clips on Your Videos

If you don’t want others to clip your videos, follow these steps:

  1. Open YT Studio in a browser.
  2. Go to “Settings.”
Youtube Channel Settings
  1. Hit the “Channel” option followed by “Advanced settings.”
Youtube Channel Advanced Settings
  1. Scroll down and uncheck the box next to “Allow viewers to clip my content,” then hit the “Save” button.
Youtube Channel Disable Clips

How to Block a User from Clipping Your Videos

If you don’t want a specific channel or user to clip your videos, you can hide that person from your channel. When you hide a person, their comments won’t show up on your videos and they will not be able to clip them.

To hide a user, go to the comment they left on your video. Click on the three-dot icon on the comment and select “Hide user from channel.”

Youtube Channel Hide User

4. Share Specific Part of YouTube Video on Mobile

The YouTube mobile apps do not offer all of the same methods for sharing a specific part of a video. Sure, you can clip the YouTube video, but sometimes it feels like too much work. A more simple way is to use an online tool called YouTube Time to start a YouTube video from a specific time. This same method works on desktops as well. Follow these steps to use the tool:

  1. Open YouTube Time in a browser.
  2. Paste the YouTube video’s URL into the available text field and enter the desired start time for the video.
  3. Hit the “Get Link” button. Make sure to copy the video link from the address bar and not from the “Share” button under the YouTube video.
Youtube Time Generate Tool
  1. Copy the new link and share it with others.
Youtube Time Generate Tool Use

5. Create Timestamp Links Manually

You may have noticed that when you share a specific part of a YouTube video, the video’s URL is appended with the new start time. This allows you to manually create the links on your own by adding the start time for the video in the correct link format.

For Shortened Links

When you press the Share button under a video, generally, the video link will be in this shortened format: For these, you must add a question mark (?) followed by the letter t, which stands for time, followed by the timestamp (?t=hms, where h = hour, m = minute, and s = seconds) of the point where you would like the video to start.

For example:


For Regular YouTube Links

If you copy the YouTube video link from the URL bar or the YouTube link is in the full format of, then you must append it with &t=hms.

Some examples:


6. Using Chapters

If a YouTube video supports chapters or timestamps, you can share the desired chapter.

  1. Open the desired video.
  2. Click on the “Show more” button under the description to see the available chapters.
Youtube Chapter Show More Description
  1. Click on “View all” to see all the chapters in a video.
Youtube Chapter View All
  1. When the chapter list shows up, click on the chapter you would like to share and hit the “Share” button.
Youtube Chapter Share
  1. Copy the chapter link and send it to others.

7. Take Full Control of Video Sharing with Vibby

The above methods are easy and quick, but they’re also pretty limited. If you want more control over the video-sharing experience, you may want to try out a third-party tool.

Vibby is a website that allows you to share specific parts of videos from other platforms, including Vimeo, Twitch and YouTube. This includes clipping multiple “highlights” from a single video, ready to share with others. The downside is that you will need to create an account with Vibby, although you can register using your existing Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch credentials.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Open Vibby in a browser.
  2. Enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to share and click “Start.”
Youtube Vib Create
  1. You will be prompted to create your account.
  2. Once you’ve completed the signup process, your video will load in the Vibby editor.
  3. Using the video controls, navigate to the start of the section you want to share. When you’re ready, select “Start highlight.”
Youtube Vib Start Highlight
  1. When you reach the end of the section, select “Finish highlight.”
Youtube Vib End Highlight
  1. You can repeat this process to highlight multiple sections of the video if required. All of your highlighted clips will appear in a list on the right side of the screen.
  2. You can add a description to each section or use the icons to replay, adjust, or delete this highlight. When you’re happy with your highlights, click “Save Vib.”
Youtube Vib Save
  1. On the next page, give your Vib a name and assign a category to it.
  2. You can then either publish this clip to Vibby or make it private by selecting the “Make this Vib unlisted” slider. Only people who have the direct link will be able to access a private Vib.
Youtube Vib Customize
  1. Vibby will create your Vib and generate a link that you can share with anyone who requires access. Anyone who clicks this link will be able to view all of your highlights. They’ll also have the option to watch the full video. Note that people can view all your Vibs without having to create a Vibby account.
Youtube Vib Share
  1. To view all of your Vibs, and their associated links, access the Vibby dashboard by selecting your profile icon in the upper-right corner, then selecting “My Profile.” All of your clips will be in the “Vibs” tab.
Youtube Vibs Mine

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I just skip part of a YouTube video?

You can use the numbers on your keyboard to skip ahead through a certain percentage of the video. The numbers 1 to 9 correspond with 10% to 90% of the video’s playtime.

Is it possible to start a video from a specific time in an embedded YouTube video?

Yes. Click on the “Share” button under the video and choose “Embed.” Check the box next to “Start” at and enter the start time.

How can I share multiple YouTube videos?

You must add the videos to a playlist, then share the playlist.

All screenshots and images created by Mehvish Mushtaq.

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