Highland Park shooting suspect appears in court after being charged with 7 counts of murder 


Highland Park shooting victims Nicolas Toledo, Jacki Sundheim, Irina McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy and Stephen Straus.
Highland Park shooting victims Nicolas Toledo, Jacki Sundheim, Irina McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy and Stephen Straus. (Various Sources)

A gunman killed seven people in Monday’s shooting at a July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois, leaving their families and community forever changed after another mass shooting in America.

Irina and Kevin McCarthy, aged 35 and 37, were identified by the Lake County Coroner’s Office Tuesday. Their son, Aiden, was found alive and taken to safety in the aftermath of the violence, the family told CNN.

Katherine Goldstein, 64, of Highland Park; Jacquelyn Sundheim, 63, of Highland Park; Stephen Straus, 88, of Highland Park; and Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza, 78, of Morelos, Mexico, were the four other victims identified. A seventh victim died at a hospital outside of Lake County, according to the Coroner’s Office.

Here’s what is known about some of the victims so far:

Irina and Kevin McCarthy, who were killed in the shooting, are the parents of a toddler who was found alive, according to a family member.

Irina Colon, who was related to Irina McCarthy, shared an undated photo with CNN of the couple at their wedding in Chicago.

Colon said she was not at the parade and found out about the couple’s death from Irina McCarthy’s father. The couple’s 2-year-old son, Aiden, will now be cared for by family members, Colon said.

verified GoFundMe campaign that Colon began said that in the aftermath of the violence, the young child was taken to safety by community members before his grandparents were located.

Jacki Sundheim was also identified by her synagogue as one of the people killed.

The North Shore Congregation Israel in Glencoe said in a statement Sundheim was a lifelong congregant and a member of the staff, having been a preschool teacher and events coordinator.

“There are no words sufficient to express the depth of our grief for Jacki’s death and sympathy for her family and loved ones,” the statement said.

Nicolas Toledo, father of eight and grandfather to many, had been visiting his family in Highland Park from Mexico and was identified as a victim in Monday’s shooting, an official from the state of Morelos told CNN.

Toledo loved fishing, painting and going on walks with his family in the park, one of his granddaughters, Kimberly Rangel, told CNN affiliate WBBM.

Toledo’s family set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to repatriate him to Mexico.

Read more about the victims here:

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